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Today in Idabel Oklahoma is giving away Weeds.
77 counties is giving away Tulsa Zoo tickets.
Drawing the Motmot offers an mp3 of the Panama forest.
Oklahoma Rock Newsblog is giving away the link to the 2009 Norman Music Festival online rebroadcast.
D-USA has free German radio.
From the Faraway, Nearby has Tango dance lessons.

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It’s not the size of the pole

It’s how many.


And another reason you can tell this guy is one serious angler. That little red wagon happens to be a Radio Flyer.

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Senator Tom, come on down

Now that President Obama has ordered a phase-in of increased vehicle fuel economy standards, our own Sen. Tom Coburn is worried:

What if you want to drive a gas hog? You don’t have the right any longer in this country to spend the money to drive a gas hog?

Not to worry, Tom, I’ve got just the thing for you right here in Little Axe. And I’ll bet one of those banks you voted to bail out will give you a good deal on a loan, too.

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Truth be told?

Catherine Crabill is a GOP nominee in Virginia’s 99th House District. In her own words:

… I did and do believe that our government was culpable in the OKC bombing. This was not based on a “conspiracy theory” but on the analysis of Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (retired) who resides in Alexandria, Virginia who is an expert in weapons development. General Partin spent his own time and his own money personally visiting the site in OKC and publishing his analysis. … General Partin’s assessment was brilliant and as far as I will ever be concerned, irrefutable.

I really don’t believe that all the facts surrounding the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building are known to the public. However, I’m not convinced this is a good idea.

every statewide Republican candidate (plus Rep. Rob Wittman and possibly non-statewide ones too) needs to be asked whether they agree with Crabill that “our government was culpable in the OKC bombing.”

Especially since we are talking about the state of Virginia.

I mean questioning politicians because of what some of them believe would be like asking all Oklahoma Dems and Repubs if they believe in tax evasion, embezzlement, perjury, fraud, bribery…. For one thing, if every one of them was hooked up to a lie detector and answered truthfully, the State Legislature might not even get a quorum to do their business. Then what shape would us Okies be in?

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Well, storms do make for good fishing

Things looked pretty bad after seeing the amount of tree debris in the yard this morning from last night’s storm. The hail and strong winds left quite a mess. Then I went to the lake and felt a little better.


Ya see, I could have been one of the many people camping in tents last night in preparation for today’s 23rd Annual Big Catch fishing tournament.

The event has drawn as many as 1,000 participants in past years.

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Oklahoma City river name no joke

It was February 2004 that I posted my suggestion for renaming a seven mile stretch of the North Canadian River in Oklahoma City.

I say we name it the “Oklahoma Legislature River”. It would be quite appropriate. The Canadian usually moves at a leisurely pace, is murky, attracts vermin, and appeals mainly to fools and children. For short periods during the year it becomes fast and furious, at times exceeding its boundaries and causing severe damage. The vast majority is wide and shallow, with a very small portion being straight and narrow.

Now it turns out that name is even more fitting today.

Derek Smithee, the water quality division chief of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, said a six-mile section of the river near the boathouse is listed as “impaired” because of fecal coliform, sulfates and turbidity.

Impaired, full of shit, thick and stinky … and to think five years ago I was half joking.

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Military sees resemblance between OKC and Baghdad

Some folks in Oklahoma City are complaining about the Tennessee National Guard flying helicopters over their neighborhoods night after night until three in the morning. Lt. Col. Max Moss apologized, however:

“Obviously in Iraq our soldiers and particularly our aviators fly a lot of missions both day time and night time so they have to train in some of the conditions they face over in Iraq.”

So, evidently, the closest thing resembling Iraq within 100 miles of Fort Sill is the OKC metro. I’m guessing it’s either because the streets look like they’ve been bombed, or the Commander in Chief thinks the place is full of nutty extremists. In any case, as much as you might like to help with the training, I’d advise against breaking out the shoulder-mounted grenade launchers.

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Inhofe to foil Obama plot against Oklahoma

Boy, did I ever get fooled by Obama. When he talked about closing Guantanamo prison, I just assumed he would move the prisoners already there and detain them in other facilities. But thanks to Sen. Inhofe, we now know our new president really wants to set them free, right here in Oklahoma.

“There are 245 hard-core terrorists that would be turned loose in the United States and one of the locations where they would be putting them is Fort Sill,” Inhofe said. “You turn these people loose and they become magnets for terrorism all over the country.”

Maybe Sen. Inhofe was right about McCain for President after all.

Would you close Guantanamo Bay?

MCCAIN: Yes. I would close Guantanamo Bay. And I would move those prisoners to Fort Leavenworth.

Now that’s an idea us Okies can really support. Not only would we be safe from all those prisoners loose in Kansas, but since they would be “magnets for terrorism”, they would draw all the terrorists from Oklahoma too.

And the best part is we could then send all our virus laden pigs to Kansas. And wait.

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Another reason to legalize pot

Because there wouldn’t be a need for an Oklahoma National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws and therefore would be fewer roadside obstructions like this for drivers to run over.

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Tom ‘King’ Cole, prince of money

No need to wonder why Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole voted for the Wall Street bailout.

“People understand the business,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma. “You take the king’s shilling, you become the king’s man.”

Top industries contributing to Congressman Tom Cole’s 2008 Campaign Committee and Leadership PAC:

  1. Casinos/Gambling
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Insurance
  4. Lobbyists
  5. Lawyers/Law Firms
  6. Commercial Banks
  7. Retired
  8. Real Estate
  9. Misc Finance
  10. Business Services

– Center for Responsive Politics

And since Rep. Cole is already well known for his support of taxpayer subsidies to the oil & gas industry and casinos, I’m assumming his next push will be rewarding lawyers and lobbyists.

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