DUI checkpoint not adding up

Every once in a while a DUI checkpoint is set up here in Little Axe. They have been located just off of Hwy 9 on 156th St. Police were there again this Memorial Day weekend, Sunday from 5pm – 9pm.

Officers stopped all motorists traveling north and south bound on NE 156th, evaluating a total of 653 vehicles. Charges filed as a result of the checkpoint were;

1 Driving Under the influence (DUI)

1 Driving Under Revocation

And chances are if it was an elected official that got the DUI, he will get off anyway.

Now I’m all for getting impaired drivers off the road, but I question whether the resources used to conduct the operation might be used more effectively in other ways.

Officers working on the checkpoint were working extra duty with funding coming from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office and the 2M2L grant. The Norman Police Department is aware of the importance of keeping intoxicated drivers off the roadways this holiday weekend. Norman officers sacrificed their personal holiday plans with their families and decided to work extra duty to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers and ensure safe roadways for the community.

Based on my experience of traveling Hwy 9 within Norman for three decades, I’d bet dollars to donuts that utilizing those officers in normal traffic patrol along that highway from between 11pm and 3am on a Friday or Saturday night would reap greater results in not only DUI’s, but also license, insurance, and driving violations.

And the 2M2L grants? 2M2L is a statewide initiative focused on reducing and preventing underage drinking. Their money is likely better spent on funding a different type of compliance check:

… a tool used by law enforcement to identify alcohol retailers that sell alcohol to underage youth.

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3 Responses to DUI checkpoint not adding up

  1. Eric says:

    Of course, 80% of the Thunderbird drunks are probably Norman locals who access the lake via Alameda and woud never come anywhere near the roadblock you mention. When we lived out that way, it was always quieter to camp on the south side of the lake for that very reason.

    Did they not set up any roadblocks on Alameda?

  2. J. M. Branum says:

    I hate ****ing roadblocks. It reminds me of being in a totalitarian regime or a central American bananna republic.

  3. Mike says:

    Haven’t seen anything about checkpoints on the other side of the lake.

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