How automakers can reduce repairs

So, President Obama wants to see a “leaner, meaner” GM and Chrysler.

Something like Nissan, maybe.

Listening to Car Talk last week, I heard Tom and Ray comment on how they were unable to obtain a part to repair the fuel system on a seven year old Nissan. Nissan said the part was no longer available and they weren’t making any more. Now that is lean and mean! And smart! Not only will a company show better repair records when there are no parts to fix them, it also takes the guess work out of deciding whether to repair your car or junk it.

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2 Responses to How automakers can reduce repairs

  1. MissQOKC says:

    I love listening to Click and Clack even though I couldn’t care less about car repair. Well, I guess I would care if that were my seven y/o Nissan.

  2. CGHill says:

    Hmmm. I’ve had no trouble getting parts for my nine-year-old Nissan.

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