Wanted: the best Okie blogs

Just when you thought the spreading of good cheer was winding down, along comes the 2008 Okie Blog Awards.

Created in 2005, the fourth annual Okie Blog Awards continues its mission to expose the most talented, creative, and entertaining bloggers in Oklahoma as determined by bloggers themselves.

Nominations will be accepted beginning Jan. 1 through Jan. 20, 2009. Visit the 2008 Okie Blog Awards site for details and instructions.

Only Okie bloggers with active Okie blogs are eligible to nominate and vote. “Active” is defined as having at least one blog post during the last 60 days of 2008. An “Okie blog” is defined as having at least one blog author residing within the state of Oklahoma.


Best Overall Blog ——
Best Political Blog ——
Best Family Blog ——
Best Humor Blog ——
Best Audio Blog ——
Best Looking Blog ——
Best Writing ——
Best Commentary ——
Best Culture Blog ——
Best Unusual Blog ——
Best Inspirational Blog ——
Best Commercial Blog (company sponsored) ——

If you are an Okie blogger, please help spread the word and begin preparing your list of nominations. And feel free to use any Okie Blog Awards logo in your efforts.

Thanks for playing and may the best Okie bloggers win!

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12 Responses to Wanted: the best Okie blogs

  1. What no photography category! Define culture?

  2. Mike says:

    I would say your blog is very appropriately a culture blog. However, someone else may see it as inspirational. Or maybe even unusual. 😉

  3. georgie says:

    Cool now if I only get nom’d

  4. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t specifically referring to blogs about OU football or chicken fried steak recipes. I was thinking more for the appropriate vote category for Little Axe’s other blog star – Debby Kaspari and her blog Drawing the Motmot. She gets about 600 hits a day – most of them repeat visitors but few of them Oklahomans. Gotta make sure she gets some local lovin’ while she’s working in the Amazon.

  5. I always look forward to these. Thanks Mike!


  6. Please define “Okie Blog.” I would like very much to nominate Blair Humphreys’ http://imaginativeamerica.com/ blog for an award (once I figure out how his superb blog fits into one or more of the categories), but I don’t see that he is a member of Blog Oklahoma, if that is important.

    Sooo … please explain!

  7. Mike says:

    An “Okie blog” is defined as having at least one blog author residing within the state of Oklahoma. Being a member of Blog Oklahoma is irrelevant.

  8. Mark says:

    It is unfortunate that you continue to not offer a photography blog category. Is there a reason for this? Maybe one of these days I guess…

  9. The photo blogs fall into most any category & sometimes several the same year.

  10. Mike says:

    Mark (and TR), when first establishing the award categories, one criterion was that there be at least ten blogs eligible for a given category. I was not aware of ten Oklahoma blogs that focused on photography at that time. And to be honest, I still only know of about a half dozen Okie blogs whose primary content is made up of original photographs. Of course I would be happy to learn otherwise.

    Although it doesn’t show it, I will tell you that I wrestle with the Award category list every year. I realize that a few categories such as Political, Family, and Culture are a bit crowded and perhaps I will at least make the list a baker’s dozen next year.

    Thanks for the input.

  11. Okie Sister says:

    Photography sounds like an excellent catagory for next year’s awards. Other catagories could be Sports, Music, Food, and maybe one for Best New Blog.

  12. blythe says:

    Are you telling me that there’s a blog devoted to chicken fried steak recipes? Where?!

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