Oklahoma’s premature inductulation

I’m not entirely sure what it takes to be put into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame.

Being inducted into the hall this year will be Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett … former Miss America Jayne Jayroe Gamble … musician Toby Keith ….

Also to be inducted are civil rights activist and Hoffman native Clara Luper…

I would think Clara Luper should’ve been inducted long before this. And what’s the deal with taking so long to honor Jayne Jayroe? Any Oklahoman that becomes Miss America deserves to be included right away.

The one induction I question is Clay Bennett. I’m sure he’s probably a good guy, and yes, marrying into the Gaylord fortune and buying an NBA team is quite an accomplishment, but putting him into the Hall of Fame now seems premature.

Bennett said he’s started preliminary discussions about moving the Sonics and Storm to Oklahoma City or Kansas City.

… “we’re quite likely headed to Oklahoma City,” but said his ownership group needs to perform due diligence before making that decision. Bennett has also mentioned Kansas City and Las Vegas as possible destinations.

If a Hall of Fame spot for Bennett was done as part of an incentive package to bring the Sonics to Oklahoma, that was down-right dumb. That only means one less bargaining chip.

… Bennett said he has concerns about the viability of the Oklahoma City…

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said Wednesday the city has not started any serious talks with Bennett.

Now, just for future reference, how hard is it to remove a person from the Hall of Fame?

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  1. Ryan says:

    What’s crazy is that Aubrey McClendon was also chosen this year. She is also a co-owner of the Sonics/Storm.


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