Just when I thought I was doing good

Upgrading this blog yesterday wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Having such an old version of WordPress to begin with made the process a bit of a problem. Also, it didn’t help that the theme I chose was missing some key elements, requiring hobbling together some PHP script – and I don’t even know what PHP stands for. Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with myself. That is until I realized I’m that idiot next to you.

You are 50 years old. Get the fuck off the internet! Go do the things 50 year olds are supposed to be doing these days… clicking on free anti virus offers in your AOL email inbox and trying to figure out how to end a call on a flip phone and reading books to small children while your country is under attack.

Footnote: Go see a doctor about that… they have pills now that help you with clear thinking when you get up in the years.

As a guy in his fifties, this bothers me. I don’t think I was the person he was referring to, but since I’m not taking those pills, can I really be sure?

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One Response to Just when I thought I was doing good

  1. Kellyology says:

    This guy sounds like he’s in his 20’s and filled with the self-righteous indignation that comes with knowing it all. Wait a few year and he’ll be beaten down and more tolerant, you know like the rest of us…who are not in their 20’s.lol

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