Me and my f**king blog

Sure he’s a pompous ass, but I can still appreciate Bill Maher’s often irreverent approach to political satire. And one reason I know he’s good at what he does is because his show sometimes offends even me.

The latest example comes from a post-show panel discussion on the irrelevance of blogs I found via Off The Grid. Maher put forth a question to panel members, actor Ben Affleck and author P.J. O’Rourke: Do you think the Internet can influence the next election? The consensus was not only no, but hell no. Then the blogosphere bashing began.

– Maher saw the medium as a bunch of folks simply “preaching to the converted”.

– O’Rourke described blog content as nothing more than reading your sister’s diary.

– And Affleck tells bloggers, “Nobody cares about your fucking blog. It’s not even a blog, it’s just you at home, typing.”

I never knew. Therefore, this is my final blog post.

Just kidding. It’s jack-ass remarks like those that inspire me to keep blogging.

I know Okiedoke is a voice in the wilderness. I’m aware of my lack of encouraging discussion in comments. And I don’t deny the slim chance of me passing a fifth grade English test. Yet, I enjoy writing in this blog and enjoy reading others; even those I don’t agree with. And even some that read like a diary.

Big shots such as Maher, O’Rourke and Affleck may not understand my low expectations of this blog. They probably can’t grasp that a peon can derive satisfaction from doing something so inane as blogging without the hope of wealth or power; that an opinion from an Okie like me is worth a shit. OK, maybe they’re right on that last one.

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3 Responses to Me and my f**king blog

  1. Redneck Diva says:

    Gee, it’s a good thing somebody believed in Ben Affleck enough to give him a job in Hollywood. Otherwise, he might be just a guy at home….acting. F**k him.

  2. Rena says:

    At the risk of sounding maudlin: I care about your blog, and, like RDiva said: F**k Ben Affleck — he’s a fine one to talk at this point. What was his last movie again? Oh, yeah, nobody remembers or cares.

    Anyway, if I didn’t have the handful of lefty blogs written by Oklahomans to read, I would be a basket case.

    And I’d bet money that liberal blogs, netroots, whatever you want to call it will have an impact on the elections, and beyond.

    Also, don’t knock “preaching to the converted.” It’s kept priests and ministers in business for centuries, and the outcome of that preaching has had a pretty big impact on the world (for better or worse). Didn’t work out too badly for politicians in the last couple of decades either.

  3. lynette says:

    bill maher is a jacka**, so you just blog on and forget that yahoo. what a clown. if i were as wholly cynical as he is, i’d probably jump off a bridge.

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