Oklahoma beauty queen steps down

Miss Oklahoma Continental 2006 has had enough.

OK kids, here comes a blog that NO one might wanna hear, but ya’ll are gonna get it anyways, and lemme start out by saying i do not give a flying #### what anyone else thinks or has to say, these are my feelings on the on-goings of the week….

I am sooo sick of all this damn drama and bullshit that is associated with this business..yes it will always be there, but we can try to at least make it better by getting the #### along!! ?? right?????? i dont think thatd be too much to ask…….

I’m sorry to see Kandy out of the running. I thought she was one of the better looking contestants. Now that Kandy’s out, my heart’s not in this Oklahoma pageant anymore. I mean, Savon and Daniel just don’t do it for me.

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4 Responses to Oklahoma beauty queen steps down

  1. imok says:

    Damn, Mike! Just how bored are you???

  2. Mike says:

    Hey, you read it.

  3. imok says:

    Nope, just looked at the pix.

  4. Oklahoma Continental says:

    !st of all the story above is totally NOT related to the Continental pageant at all, but a personal entry by kandy cayne herself in her blog on her MySpace.
    2nd of all the pic U posted, is a trademark, and you are in violation of trademark infringement.
    No one asks you to judge winners/contestants by personal preference, that is where judges are there.

    have a nice day.
    Monica freeman

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