Down on OKC town

Babi Yar can’t find downtown OKC.

Of all the things I hate about Oklahoma, the most is there is no downtown…

Theres a bricktown… Which is the Oklahoma version of … We dont even have something so gay back home… Its full of yuppy-wanna-be bars and restaurants and the sports arenas… Its no downtown… Its kinda like Arco/natomas meets Arden…

Theres the Paseo, where all the fags are… Theres really nothing there either…

I’d help Babi, but really not sure about the boundaries myself.

If it’s somewhere between Bethany, Nichols Hills, and Del City, it’s downtown to me.

When it comes to defining a downtown OKC, I defer to Mr. Hill.

One of the trickier aspects of planning downtown Oklahoma City, apparently, was that no one was entirely sure what “downtown” really meant: the middle was pretty obvious, but where does it end?

I’d say it might end when the potholes are filled with Maps 72.

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2 Responses to Down on OKC town

  1. CGHill says:

    Having never been to Sacramento, I can’t really offer a comparison to the young lady – but I’ve heard the same complaints leveled against Los Angeles, even.

    Me, I’m going with the Gazette’s slogan: “If you’re bored in this town, it’s not our fault.”

  2. Jane L says:

    Perhaps if you removed the homophobe stone out of your eye, Babi, you might have seen something of value.

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