No Oklahoma idol

An Okie selected as alternate to the popular talent show “American Idol” is singing the blues today in McAlester.

Cletis Don Lowe Jr. was arrested for embezzlement from his job at the Wal-Mart Supercenter, booked into the jail and released on a $200 cash bond.

To not make it as an “American Idol” contestant must be disappointing, but even worse…

Lowe is no longer employed by Wal-Mart.

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4 Responses to No Oklahoma idol

  1. Dan says:

    I’m just glad someone named “Cletis” from Oklahoma will not be reinforcing our stereotypes.

  2. deon lewis says:

    Anyone who knows Cletis Lowe, knows he did not embezzle any money from Walmart. In fact he just won a civil suit against the city for discrimination. This is retaliation by a extremely racist town that truely needs to be investigated by the feds. When all plays out cletis name will be cleared and Walmart will apologize for taking part in part in the conspiracy to ruin cletis’s credibility….

  3. Dan you portray to be an intelligent and wise individual. However you dont have any collection of respect for others which makes anything else you stands for pointless. To “Kick someone while there down” is very ridiculous and shows the mental level and the level of self security you have. It’s sad dan, and payback from the Lord is coming for you buddy. Like I said in another reply, I hope what you reap isn’t too intense. I actually feel sorry for you. But its said, one has to make others look bad to make self feel better. Don’t prey off of others all your life. It’s a Very Dangerous thing!

  4. beverly says:

    Maybe you should also mention that Cletis Lowe was found innocent of the charges and later was awarded compensation for this.

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