You can leave your hat on

Now that Oklahomans have elected their first openly gay legislator, it’s just a matter of time before people from outside Oklahoma begin noticing other gay things about us. Like all the gay hats we Okies wear without realizing it.

I’m not talking about cowboy hats either. Thanks to Hollywood, everyone is fully aware that cowboy hats are now gay. What I’m talking about is the world’s most popular hat, the ball cap.

They are a hat for everybody, with the guy on the street wearing them and film stars and even the president. You would be hard-pressed to find one person on the planet who hasn’t worn a baseball cap on at least one occasion.

I rarely wore any hat before moving to Oklahoma. It took a few years to pick up on the finer points of this influential redneck fashion. Then I began to recognize the growing abundance of gay hats on unsuspecting Okies.

Now, I have nothing against gay hats – my best hat is a gay hat. However, gay ball caps are creeping into the mainstream and this could be embarassing not only to innocent individuals, but also to Oklahoma’s macho image.

So, to that end, I’ve developed a little quiz to help spread awareness and reduce the number of unsuspecting gay Okie hatters. You may be surprised at the results. I know I was. Take heed.

Queer hat quiz

Gay or staraight?
(It gets harder as it goes)

And for a 3 point bonus:

Answers here.

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7 Responses to You can leave your hat on

  1. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have a great weekend.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Still working on issues with gay people?


  3. Brad says:

    Answer (Before looking at the official answers): All of the above.

  4. Redneck Diva says:

    Oh how I laughed! THANKFULLY, Mr. Diva’s favorite hat is his camouflage one and now I know my husband is definitely not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. circe says:

    I love your quizzes……. 🙂

  6. Mike says:

    Wait ’til you see the one on shoes.

  7. Terry Hull says:

    Clever Randy Newman reference. Hadn’t thought about that song in a while.

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