Okies dogging it?

I had a spike in visitors last week from a link in a couple CNN online news stories about gas prices and gouging. For most bloggers, this would be good news. It’s reasonable to expect such exposure could generate a few more regular readers. But that doesn’t much apply to Okiedoke. Looking through the logs, I see that not one visitor referred by the CNN links originated from Oklahoma. Oh, I got some from most other states and quite few places outside the country, but not one from any homies. And it doesn’t take long to realize that Okiedoke is for Okies.

I understand that Oklahomans have a lower percentage of Internet connected households than many other states. And I hold nothing against the relatively few that do have access for not patronizing CNN’s online news. But what disturbs me is that I got visitors from England! While that, in itself, is not disturbing, it is when considering this:

Indeed, a survey of taxi drivers, pub landlords and hairdressers (“often seen as barometers of popular trends” according to Reuters, though God alone knows when hairdressers became barometers of anything), by ad outfit DDB London showed that 90 per cent of barometers have not the foggiest idea what a podcast is, and an impressive 70 per cent live in blissful ignorance of blogging.

Better still, many think blogging is the same as dogging

After finding the definition of English “dogging”, and seeing how folks are not only receptive of it, but also train for it, I’m afraid most Brits will be highly disappointed in blogging, and Okiedoke especially. Judging by how happy this guy is about his job, how can blogging ever compete with this dogging thing.

Of course, as an Okie blogger, I don’t care much about what some limeys think. Though I am interested in what Oklahoma’s “barometers of popular trends” think. Problem is, I don’t know any Okie barometers myself. Therefore I’m asking any Oklahomans who have their hair done, get drunk and take a taxi home; please find out what these societal indicators think of blogging and let me know.

And go ahead and ask ’em about dogging too. I’ll venture that at least 70% think it’s bull.

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3 Responses to Okies dogging it?

  1. E-Rock says:

    Interesting that you received no uptick in Oklahoma-based traffic. I’ve been in the exploratory phase of building a video blog that would be aimed solely at Tulsans/Oklahomans (to appeal to local advertisers), and I’ve been trying to figure out how best to grow a local audience. I guess it’s going to take a lot of work to generate local interest in blogs/blogging. Maybe it would be better to start in college towns like Norman and Stillwater.

  2. Mike says:

    I didn’t mean to say that my Oklahoma based traffic has not been increasing, only that the traffic from those CNN news links produced no hits originating from Oklahoma.

    While Okiedoke is certainly no blogging powerhouse, visits have steadily increased about 35% from January of this year. Disregarding spam traffic, approximately 80% of my visitors are from Oklahoma, and that figure remains fairly constant. Subtracting spammers and robots, Okiedoke should exceed 14,000 visits this month. That figure could drop a bit next month though as some of that traffic represents a portion of the Okie Blog Awards. But then again, traffic for state political coverage may begin picking up soon.

    I’ve had more than one email suggesting I am too limited in my topic range by focusing on Oklahoma. And I probably could draw a bigger audience by including a broader scope in my writing. But this blog is for me. And I’m satisfied being a small fish in a small pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond. But I do have to admit; this small pond is beginning to get a little crowded.

    You’re probably right about aiming for a college audience. Especially with their access to high-speed connections. And commenting on Oklahoma blogs will surely help to pick up some visitors to your site.

  3. Hugh Jardon says:

    Love it !!! Dogging is a great hobby !!!

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