Second to last Okiedoke post

June 10th, 2009

Today I take a big step toward accomplishing one of two major goals I set for myself decades ago as a young buck. That step is to idle this blog. And it’s not a step I take lightly, for I’ve enjoyed my time as an “Okie blogger”. I feel Okiedoke had a good run of almost six years, officially launching on July 4th, 2003. Although I will concede the effort, and quality, were lacking the past couple of years.

This blog has always been about me. Indeed, it has been argued that everything a person does in life is to make themselves feel better. When I sacrifice my time volunteering for some civic duty, it makes me feel better about myself. When I put a check in the mail to some organization, I am a little more comfortable while snacking in my air conditioned living room watching pictures of people suffering on TV. When I draw attention to others in the Oklahoma blogosphere, I too, gain from the exposure.

And Okiedoke has received more than its share of exposure. Who would’ve thought that a mis-educated, grammatically challenged smart-ass like me could produce an Oklahoma oriented blog that folks would notice? And return to. For the record:

  • Okiedoke has used three different types of software to manage content: WebAPP, b2, and, since July 2004, WordPress.
  • Blog traffic peaked in 2007 with 130,000 page views a month.
  • Noted in “foreign” newspapers such as the New York Times and Washington Post. And covered in local newspapers ranging from dailies like The Oklahoman to weeklies like the Oklahoma Gazette.
  • Featured in Oklahoma Magazine and Oklahoma Today.
  • Exposure in television media including KWTV, KOCO, and NBC. (One of my photos on this blog was sold to NBC News and featured in a prime time broadcast.)
  • Originated the Okie Blog Awards.
  • Conducted the state’s first Sexiest Power Women contest.
  • Organized the first Okie Blogger Round-up.
  • Publicly embarrassed myself 1,362 times. (That I know of.)

Yep, this blog has had its moments. But it’s time to put ‘Okiedoke Mike’ to rest and move on to a new adventure in writing, my remaining goal in life, to author a book. It’s a project that I’ve kept in the back of my mind for decades, and for just as long, have been accumulating information about. The proper inspiration has finally kicked in and as I dig through the boxes of musty archives, my mind seems to be tuned for approaching this monumental task. For while I realize the task ahead is daunting, it doesn’t feel that way right now. Because, like this blog, I’ll be writing this book for me. Not for money, or fame, but for the selfishness of writing something of which the creation is its own reward. And if it sells one copy or a million, I will be satisfied. OK, OK, I’ll be more satisfied if it sells a million. But not a million times more.

Which brings me to my upcoming last post. That post will be in true Okiedoke style, with a bit of truth, sarcasm, and frutility that this blog represents. It will also peek into my book project and open a personal past that I have largely kept hidden from my blog persona.

While I appreciate any well wishes from readers, comments here are disabled so as to eliminate any site management. I can always be reached at the email address in the upper right of the page.

Here’s to all fellow Okies, especially those who contribute to Oklahoma’s true grassroots media, the Oklahoma blogosphere.

To my readers, thanks for your patronage, and best wishes.


Drawing the Motmot and more

June 4th, 2009

Little Axe blogger, Debby Cotter Kaspari, took her little 3″ X 5″ sketch book to the Panamanian jungle.


Rufous Motmot by D. Kaspari

As a dedicated field artist she uses her signature gesture drawings, field notes and camera to accentuate the rhythms and movements of her animal, plant and landscape subjects. Most of her work is done on paper, either in graphite and pastel, pen and ink, or watercolor; acrylic on board or canvas is used as well.

See more sketch book pages here.
See her website here.

Oklahomans can pass on turnpike PikePass

June 3rd, 2009


The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will stop issuing automatic violations for failure to pay tolls until the agency can match its records with Tax Commission records new license plate numbers.

Wouldn’t it make sense to just suspend automatic violations without announcing it? It’s kind of like Wal-Mart publicizing that they have turned off their security systems.

And don’t blame the “Oklahoma License Plate Design Task Force”.

The members of the task force are:

Senator Clark Jolley, Co-Chair
Representative Ken Miller, Co-Chair
Senator Charles Wyrick
Representative Randy Terrill
Ms. Andrea Collum
Ms. Staci Foresee

The task force was supported administratively by the staff of the State Senate with assistance from the Tax Commission, the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Tourism and Recreation.

After all, they only had since Nov. 6, 2007 to think about this.

Not worth the paper it’s printed on

June 2nd, 2009

But to be fair, it is pretty nice paper.