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Surf’s up at Lake Thunderbird

Obi can’t resist a good wave, even at 34ºF with 40 mph winds

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Swear to God

Those crazy guys at the Department of Motor Vehicles sure have a sense of humor. I registered my truck yesterday and was given a brand spanking new Oklahoma license plate. After thinking about it for a few seconds… What If … Continue reading

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Okiedoke goes digital

I will be installing a digital card in the old computer tonight and this is the last analog post here on Okiedoke. Viewing posts published after today will require a digital capable browser. In addition, viewing this blog with a … Continue reading

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Michael Bates-1, Tulsa World-1

It’s been four years now since the Tulsa World snarled at political activist and blogger Michael Bates. The newspaper’s executives put Bates, and all other bloggers, on official notice. The Tulsa World copyrights its entire newspaper and specifically each of … Continue reading

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Even God against Humphreys

Like most sensible Oklahomans, I don’t much care for Kirk Humphreys. What I dislike most about him is his Party first attitude. And even then the guy couldn’t win a GOP Senate primary despite the backing of state Republican leaders. … Continue reading

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Norman’s Financial Center teetering

Some folks are acting like this is big news in Norman: Occupants, including an insurance company, are being asked to move out and the public is being barred from one of Norman, Okla.’s tallest building due to structural problems The … Continue reading

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Travis Ford f#*king fine with me

I’m not much of an OSU fan, but I can’t believe how much shit their basketball coach is getting for his foul mouth on the court. Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford apologized Tuesday for uttering a profanity in Saturday’s 78-67 … Continue reading

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Two problems, one solution

Problem #1 – I only have one set of OU basketball tickets left for this season, and they aren’t for the Kansas game. Problem #2 – I have an extra Okie Blog Award for Best Sports Blog.

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Best 2008 Okie Blog Award comment

There are always a lot of comments generated each year regarding the Okie Blog Awards; some better than others. Here’s my favorite this year: Mike, = Etatyah eseh, Mike, nah. You all wouldn’t know an Okie ‘cultural’ blog if it … Continue reading

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1625 jobs per minute

Well, at least folks can’t say General Motors isn’t responding quickly to dwindling auto sales.

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