Wanted: the best Okie blogs

December 29th, 2008

Just when you thought the spreading of good cheer was winding down, along comes the 2008 Okie Blog Awards.

Created in 2005, the fourth annual Okie Blog Awards continues its mission to expose the most talented, creative, and entertaining bloggers in Oklahoma as determined by bloggers themselves.

Nominations will be accepted beginning Jan. 1 through Jan. 20, 2009. Visit the 2008 Okie Blog Awards site for details and instructions.

Only Okie bloggers with active Okie blogs are eligible to nominate and vote. “Active” is defined as having at least one blog post during the last 60 days of 2008. An “Okie blog” is defined as having at least one blog author residing within the state of Oklahoma.


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If you are an Okie blogger, please help spread the word and begin preparing your list of nominations. And feel free to use any Okie Blog Awards logo in your efforts.

Thanks for playing and may the best Okie bloggers win!

Voted most unusual Christmas card for 2008

December 27th, 2008

Holiday spirit shines through

December 26th, 2008

You have to admire how some Okies suffer undue hardship and still retain a good attitude. Take this guy who was arrested by Creek County sheriff deputies just days before Christmas for walking a dog the wrong way.

The case against Hahn stem from Oct. 16 when the Sheriff’s Office was notified that someone driving a black SUV was dragging a dog behind the vehicle.

At first, witnesses said, the small brown dog of undetermined breed tried to keep up with the SUV, but then fell listless and was dragged along until the animal came free of its collar.

It’s not like the driver was negligent and had forgotten about the dog, Sammy.

Those same witnesses also reported that once the dog came free of the collar, the SUV driver stopped, went around to the back and then put the leash into the vehicle as Sammy lay nearby.

And it’s not like it was a hate crime either.

… there was a female passenger in the SUV who actually petted the dog before they sped away in the vehicle.

Note to self: Don’t drive Obi for a walk in Creek County.

– Via Red Dirt Report

Doctor crime goes unnoticed

December 18th, 2008

Oklahoma City police may have caught one criminal:

A former day-care operator has been charged with child neglect for allegedly leaving a 5-year-old boy in her car for four hours while she went to a doctor’s appointment.

But they must’ve overlooked another… surely it’s a crime to make folks take four hours for a doctor’s appointment .

A free-range browser

December 17th, 2008

I prefer my web browser and eggs the same way: organic and free range. Ya see, I’ve raised chickens, and if chickens ever get happy, it’s when they are freed from their coop to forage in the yard and garden. Not only does that improve their bug gobbling skills, it’s good for a healthy immune system. And the eggs just come out better. I figure the same goes for programmers. Which is why I use 100% organic Mozilla Firefox.

Why should you care?

We may not be a typical company, but we still know how to focus on the bottom line: making the web better for you.

Being open means the next big idea can come from anyone across the world rather than just relying on a few dozen employees at our company offices. When you look at the situation in those terms, why do it any other way?

All this talk about organic software and open source ultimately means a better browser for you and the 150 million regular Firefox users. It means a higher-quality, more secure product. It means innovation, freedom and supporting an Internet that’s accessible to all.

Oh, and there are two other good reasons for Internet Explorer users to make Firefox your default browser:
Major flaw revealed in Internet Explorer; users urged to switch

The major press outlets are abuzz this morning with news of a major new security flaw that affects all versions of Internet Explorer from IE5 to the latest beta of IE8. The attack has serious and far-reaching ramifications — and they’re not just theoretical attacks.

And even more important:
Okiedoke – Vintage Okie opinion is powered by WordPress | Optimized for Mozilla Firefox

Get your chemical free Firefox here.

Second Amendment tax challenged by legislators

December 16th, 2008

The compassion for citizen rights is proving strong among at least two Oklahoma legislators.

OKLAHOMA CITY – State Rep. Eric Proctor today said he will file legislation to repeal the sales tax on the purchase of guns or ammunition in Oklahoma.

“As Americans, we should not have to pay a tax to exercise our constitutional rights – especially our Second Amendment rights,” said Proctor, D-Tulsa.

The measure, by Proctor and state Sen. Kenneth Corn (D-Howe), will not affect any dedicated revenue stream for wildlife or other programs and the measure would have minimal impact on the state treasury.

“In Oklahoma, we have a long tradition of sportsmanship and hunting that precedes statehood and we should protect that heritage,” Proctor said.

He said the tax should also be repealed because it could be a barrier for those needing protection.

“People shouldn’t have to pay a tax to the government if they need a gun in the home for self-protection,” Proctor said. “No matter what, the responsibility to protect your family is greater than the state’s need to generate taxes.”

– Oklahoma House of Representatives Media Division

Well, I guess that makes some sense.

Too bad for poor Okies that the right to eat isn’t in the Constitution. Then lawmakers might consider excluding the sales tax on groceries.

Following the auto bailout

December 16th, 2008

I’ve been a strong critic of General Motors’ management style since notorious bean-counter Roger B. Smith began accelerating the company’s demise some 30 years ago.

As the 1980s began, G.M. sat atop the automobile industry, as it had since the end of World War II, with 46 percent of American market share.

But by the time Mr. Smith retired, in 1990, G.M. held only 35 percent of the American market, with a lineup of look-alike automobiles blemished by poor quality.

GM’s market share today is about 24%.

While I think we can all agree that current GM executives deserve a lot of criticism for their lack of vision by depending so much on light truck production for profitability, I’m not convinced that a government car czar would be any better. With GM sales of pickups and SUV’s dropping 39% in November, an enlightened car czar would likely have GM truck factories converting to hybrids like the Toyota Prius.

Prius sales plunged 48.3% in November

Plans to produce the Prius hybrid in the United States have been put on hold indefinitely, Toyota Motor Corp. said Monday.

So here’s my best guess auto bailout scenario:

1. The “Big 3” (GM, Ford and Chrysler) get a car czar and a government line of credit to retool light truck factories to build ‘green cars’.
2. Workers’ wages reduced.
3. Gasoline remains at less than two dollars a gallon.
4. U.S. sales of trucks and SUV’s increase.
5. The “Big 3” go bankrupt.
6. Japanese automakers fill U.S. demand for light trucks.
7. Public becomes more protectionist.
8. States hotly compete for new Chinese car factories.
9. Economy improves and oil prices rise.
10. Shrewd investment bankers lose trillions. Chinese buy more banks.
11. Economy tanks.
12. Congress gives the “Big 3” (Toyota, Honda and Nissan) a car czar and a government line of credit to retool factories to build ‘green cars’.
13. Worker’s wages reduced.
14. Ralph Nader becomes 45th President of the United States.

An Okay story

December 13th, 2008

Town leaders in Okay, Oklahoma recently fired their entire two-man police force. And, as you might expect, crime is getting pretty bad already. Just how bad?

…the town’s police station has now been robbed. City Clerk Sherry Cox says a witness called the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office about 3:00 a.m. Monday after seeing someone carrying a shotgun and a bag out of the station. Officials say about $1,200 in confiscated money, a new laptop computer and a radio are also missing.

Being in the most conservative state in the country, there’s only one angle missing from this embarrassing story:

… Okay should have dismissed [Officer Ron] Lee in September after he had an altercation in the Okay police station with a boyfriend, a man with an outstanding arrest warrant, and Lee did not attempt to arrest him.

Although, to be fair, rumors are that handcuffs were used.

Just in time for the holidays

December 12th, 2008

Looking for that one-of-a-kind gift for the person who has everything? Then a Little Axe School throw might be right up your alley.

It promises to be a great conversation piece for anyone’s home.

You can order these through any Little Axe Chamber of Commerce member, or email me for a person to contact. Throws are $50 each with a limit of 10 per person.

The question is, if folks will be glad or disappointed in the blanket’s lack of religious icons.

But don’t even think about questioning the political correctness of our indian mascot.

USC’s good guy

December 6th, 2008

The Trojans played a good, hard game against the Sooners the other night in Norman. Of course, the term “good” is relative.

Griffin scored 11 of his 25 points after getting hit with an elbow in the second half, and the Sooners staved off a rally by Southern California for a contentious 73-72 win Thursday night in the Big 12/Pac-10 Hardwood Series.

Griffin, a preseason All-America forward, had to come out of the game after getting elbowed below the waist by USC’s Leonard Washington with 13:54 left.

Washington denied it ever happened, but was ejected anyway.

“What do you think he said? ‘I didn’t do it,'” said Trojans coach Tim Floyd, who didn’t see the play happen live. “He’s a freshman. He doesn’t know that we film everything. But he’s a good guy.”

He may be a good guy, but he’s a lousy liar.