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Imagine there’s forgiveness

It took about four centuries for the Catholic Church to acknowledge they may have been a little harsh on Galileo for suggesting the earth orbits the sun. Four hundred years after it put Galileo on trial for heresy the Vatican … Continue reading

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Such language in an Oklahoma blog

I don’t understand what some folks dare to say about our new President-elect. Take Jaanus, writing in his blog “Oklahoma”. Baracki-karisma Honestly, I just don’t get it! One interpretation.

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Here’s what I’d do about bailing out U.S. businesses

I’ve been watching, reading, and thinking a lot about our economic meltdown. And while I remain averse to government bailouts of failed companies – auto, financial, ad infinitum – I do remain convinced that many free trade policies often create … Continue reading

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Thunder should nickname player “Boo”

Nobody expected the OKC Thunder to be good this season, but some fans didn’t expect them to be so bad. They booed. However, they were in the minority. Most fans boo-hooed.

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How good are your bloguistics?

Since nominations for the 2008 Okie Blog Awards won’t begin until Jan. 2009, I offer fellow Oklahoma bloggers an opportunity to receive a much classier award this year. Who created the terms “blogroll” or “blogosphere”? If you’ve been blogging for … Continue reading

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I like the hard stuff

My favorite dealer Although, if gas prices settle in at around $4 a gallon, I might be persuaded to fire up the old ethanol unit in the backyard. For the sake of energy independence and national security, of course. Then … Continue reading

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Oklahoma schools to continue traumatizing students

We called them “swats” when I went to school, and I received my share.(The wooden paddles weren’t so bad, but the tennis shoes used by the phys ed teachers sure stung!) Yet, as traumatizing as that might sound, it was … Continue reading

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Basketball without the Thunder

I’d like to, but probably won’t be experiencing Kevin Durant in his vegan shoes this season. However, I believe I’ll be pretty well satisfied attending Sooner basketball games. November 8, Preseason All-American Blake Griffin scored 17 points and grabbed 11 … Continue reading

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Two over easy

In my estimation, the three biggest questions pondered among most Okies are: 1) Will I go to Heaven? 2) The chicken or the egg? and 3) Is Barack Obama a terrorist? Well, we finally have the answer to one of … Continue reading

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Okie image goes to pot

Oh great. Just when Oklahoma’s socially conservative image has been nationally solidified: Oklahoma was the only place in the whole country where every single county voted for John McCain, making it the reddest of the red states. Now comes this: … Continue reading

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