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Estonia Oklahoma

A recent blog post of mine made in jest… Such language in an Oklahoma blog November 22nd, 2008 I don’t understand what some folks dare to say about our new President-elect. Take Jaanus, writing in his blog “Oklahoma”. Baracki-karisma Honestly, … Continue reading

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Goes with the territory

Okies know that living in Oklahoma exposes one to an onslaught of ridicule and hate. -… Oklahoma sucks -What a sad state and state of affairs. -Did the people of Oklahoma City gather round the rubble that day in April … Continue reading

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Bank dress code not right for Okies

So this is the sign Oklahoma banks are urged to display: Oklahoma Bankers Association But … it was only after moving to Oklahoma that I even began wearing hats with any regularity. And what about native Okies? “A lot of … Continue reading

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Easy go …

I seem to be running across more of this type of thing when updating my Okie blogs listing. Not just the lowly ones either.(Not that there’s anything wrong with us lowly bloggers.) Checking back on previous Okie Blog Award winners: … Continue reading

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Okie legislators violate Constitution again

Really, how hard can it be to abide by the Constitution? The Oklahoma Supreme Court has thrown out a new law addressing issues ranging from trade, to trusts, to organ donations. The court struck down the law on Monday. It … Continue reading

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Obama promotes Tom Cole strategy on spending

Well, at least Oklahoma’s congressional delegation can ideologically agree with the President-elect on one thing: Obama promotes fiscal restraint, big spending Obama is already starting in the red. The federal government reported a record deficit of $237.2 billion in October, … Continue reading

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Flying high in Oklahoma

Why sure, Little Axe has celebrities. Tony Gregory, for example, has made his way from the small town, to Rose State College and now to the big screen. “They already think I’m a movie star, but I’m far from it,” … Continue reading

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Canada lures fat tourists

If you’re like many Americans, and contemplating a big trip to Canada, you might want to note two things: Body mass index chart And: Obese people have the right to two seats for the price of one on flights within … Continue reading

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Advice to Oklahoma cranes: Duck!

As I recall, I’ve always liked birds. I’ve enjoyed watching them, raising them, hunting them, and eating them. Therefore I gladly honor a reader request: I’d love to see a blogpost on the excellent duck hunting season currently here, Mike. … Continue reading

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Raptors catch heat in Oklahoma

You’ve probably seen them before when driving past an established landfill; flares like this one, burning methane gas created from decomposing garbage. Notice the huge flame coming from the top of the stack? Well, neither did this hawk. The burners … Continue reading

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