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Halligan plan to vote Obama falls through

Talk about an undecided voter… “It looks like State District 21 candidate Jim Halligan supports both Barack Obama and John McCain for President,” stated Oklahoma Democratic Party chair Ivan Holmes. On Tuesday, October 28th at a Langston University student government … Continue reading

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Where should Okies vote?

Probably the easiest way for Oklahomans to locate their polling place is with the *unofficial Oklahoma State Election Board Polling Place Locator. * The fine print: The Polling Place Locator is not the official source of polling place assignments. Please … Continue reading

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Obama for President, Reason #5

Odds are it will save the Republican Party. Republicans had a good run. But now they’re catching hell from a lot of average Americans. And even a few Okies. Face it, people are beginning to think that the so called … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Little Axe

Morning walks help clear my head.

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When I’m 74

I’ll be the first to admit that my blogging hasn’t been too great lately. So rather than try to make a big comeback all at once, I steer you to a list of 73 Oklahoma websites better than this one. … Continue reading

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Idabel gals hard to satisfy

Thought I would share the love with fellow Okies and tell you about some chicks in Idabel who put out regularly. Yeah, I done ’em once. But be forewarned: if you satisfy ’em the first time, they’ll want more. Do … Continue reading

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