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Lake tracks

Before   After   Underground track

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U.S. Treasury seeks guidance from Okiedoke

I confess to have been a little worried about our nation’s severest financial crisis since the Great Depression; that is until I checked my site statistics this morning. Turns out that a likely top official (they were running Internet Explorer … Continue reading

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How to stand out in Oklahoma

Having long been taller, hairier and uglier than the average guy, I’ve pretty much gotten used to sticking out in a crowd. Of course that diminished somewhat when I moved my fuzzy face from California to Oklahoma and began wearing … Continue reading

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Cornett has acute vision of past

With the news that Oklahoma City ranks 49th in an environmental sustainability review of 50 U.S. cities, a person might think things are pretty bad in Thunderville. Yet, while overall OKC falls way behind the average in most areas, the … Continue reading

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We’re the neocapitalists now

Since I’m not as bright about managing money as the legions of highly trained business experts running our global financial institutions, I’ve been paying attention to the Bush administration’s proposal to rescue our perilously, fundamentally sound economy. Here’s what I’ve … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

Peace Arena points to OKC’s Pinwheels for Peace. Drawing the Motmot observes toxic birds. The Local Malcontent discusses a duty to die. No Blog of Significance expresses little faith in American brains and spirit. The Militant Moderate envisions a Republican … Continue reading

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Let’s get smart about wind powered cars

The word is out that struggling automakers are licking their chops over the willingness of U.S. taxpayers to shower money on businesses that are threatened due to poor executive management. They need the money, they say, to finance a quick … Continue reading

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Confession of an American capitalist

Even though much of my income is from investments (much less lately), I’ve never been a real good American capitalist. I like to avoid debt and am satisfied with a reasonable return for a reasonable risk. I believe that workers … Continue reading

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Obama for President, Reason #23

Sen. McCain’s lengthy experience regarding illegal immigration: McCain’s Record of Rewarding Illegal Aliens – Bottom line: McCain has the worst Republican platform for ending future illegal immigration. John McCain on Illegal Immigration: “I’m from a border state” – “I’m from … Continue reading

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Picture this, Sooner fans

Just for visiting Okiedoke*, you are entitled to receive a free archival quality official OU Sooner print of your choice, ready to mount, frame or display. Just enter your email address [here] to get your FREE $34.95 Voucher (same price … Continue reading

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