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Just to make it official

Now that my original one week blog break has entered its third week, I suppose it would be only good manners to formally announce it is expected that activity here on Okiedoke will remain below normal for the immediate future. … Continue reading

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More beer, less blogging

Blogging here will be preempted for the next week due to the Okiedoke homestead hosting a family reunion. Normally I’d have time to post something, but the wife gave me a to-do list that promises to keep me too busy … Continue reading

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OKC team needs least-crappy name

Now that the easy work of obtaining a NBA team for Oklahoma City has been done, the difficult task of naming the recycled franchise remains thanks to the Oklahoma team owners leaving the excellent SuperSonics brand in Seattle. They took … Continue reading

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Obama for President, Reason #73

When Sen. Obama has the cajhones to address the problem of absent African-American fathers, Jesse Jackson wants to “cut his nuts off”.

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Hot for Oklahoma

Spending time outside lately has me yearning for the cooling spray from a waterfall. Perhaps Turner Falls, or maybe one of the places in four continents TR has visited during the past eight weeks. Man! After that, returning to Oklahoma … Continue reading

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What is it with Michael?

When I first spotted this article, I had high hopes. Most Popular Baby Names Change Dramatically The top 10 baby names from 1950 look nothing like today. Here’s the list from 1950, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration: Most … Continue reading

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Obama for President, Reason #66

Oklahoma U.S. Representative Tom Cole’s political evaluation: It is not just the fact that Obama will now be the first major party presidential nominee since Watergate to opt out of public financing in the general election that should raise eyebrows … Continue reading

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Violence sucks

One reason why Okies don’t favor taking away weapons to reduce violence is that, to be successful, the only thing legally available in Oklahoma would be foam cups and toilet paper. Burglary charge filed in vacuum assault Police said Ford … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

The WynnBlog sparkles with a July 4th podcast. Straight Shooter prays with Washington for America CycleDog speaks of energy independence. Oklahoma Lefty aces the citizenship quiz. Brit Gal’ in the USA lists the pros and cons of U.S. independence. The … Continue reading

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Love of country not dependent on flag

Yeah, we have the flag up today. However, people here in Little Axe don’t judge the degree of a person’s patriotism by the display of a flag in front of your house, on your truck bumper, or on your lapel. … Continue reading

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