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Okies to Brits: don’t take ‘English Only’ literally

It seems to me that Oklahoma is seeing a little too many Englishmen migrating to our great state. I suspect it has a lot to do with the push for an English Only law. But that’s only part of the … Continue reading

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Refining the price of gas

When it comes to understanding the volatile pricing of gasoline, who can Oklahomans trust? Some people say the free market. Gas prices keep climbing even as oil prices drop Oil prices fell back Thursday ahead of a report expected to … Continue reading

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I’m saving my smog for Inhofe

Sen. Tom Coburn has scheduled a Town Hall meeting today in Midwest City: Midwest City Town Hall 12:00-1:00 p.m. Rose State College Student Center 6420 SE 15th Street Midwest City, OK 73110 Tom is kind of dissing the bulk of … Continue reading

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Okiedom not for everybody

Maya is a Harvard trained psychologist, learning the reality of becoming an Okie. The Shawnee Animal Hospital is clearly one of the un-aired Twilight Zone Episodes and let me tell you, I should have been warned. – I must have … Continue reading

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‘Suck it’ other Edmond bloggers

One difference between job bloggers and hobby bloggers is their attitudes. Hobby bloggers write for pleasure and like to encourage diversity in the blogosphere by linking to other talented and interesting bloggers. Job bloggers, not so much. My desire is … Continue reading

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Okie liberals not normal

I can see why Okies like me and Big Ass Belle are considered liberal by many conservative Oklahomans. As for me, I only own three shotguns, a rifle and a handgun. And Belle… It’s not politically correct for one as … Continue reading

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Sen. Coburn suggests drug as census incentive

One thing I like about Tom Coburn is his honest concern about wasteful government spending. While other politicians talk the talk, Coburn is one of the few who is not afraid to actually walk the talk. Take the cost of … Continue reading

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Norman road signs confuse motorists

I really like Norman, Oklahoma. I’ve come to know lots of good people there over the years, there is plenty of culture, and it being a university town, I have access to many educational resources. But even with all the … Continue reading

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Is it something I said?

I checked my blog stats this morning and continue to find that about 50% of Okiedoke visitors come from within Oklahoma. I also noticed that fully 15% of all Okiedoke visitors so far this month originated from one other Oki … Continue reading

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Lance Cargill tops legislative award list

iSpeak dished out some Oklahoma legislative session awards. And there’s one I especially agree with: Worst Legislator (Senate and House) The nominees are Lance Cargill, Randy Terrill and Jim Williamson, Sally Kern. This category has candidates that are dumb, dumber, … Continue reading

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