Fueling the Obama campaign

April 29th, 2008

The Obama campaign has missed a big opportunity with their latest offer:

Make a donation of $15 or more before midnight on Wednesday, April 30th, and receive a limited edition Vote for Change car magnet.

The mistake made by the Obama campaign is that they show an image of the magnet on the back of a car. Bad move. Not only can a magnet be easily removed by zealous supporters of John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Ron Paul, but the weight of a magnet only reduces the vehicle’s gas mileage in these times of sky-rocketing fuel costs. A better option would be to wrap an Obama HOPE magnet around the fuel line.*

With a magnetic field we can increase the internal energy of the fuel, to cause specific changes at a molecular level. Increasing the internal energy to obtain more easier combustion. The molecules fly apart easier, join with oxygen easier and ignite easier. ‘Ionization’ implies that the fuel acquires a ‘charge’ and molecules of like charge repel each other, this makes fuel dispersal more efficient. Then if you charge the air to the opposite polarity, then the fuel and oxygen combine far quicker than ‘normal’. We can obtain about:

80% -90% Reduction in Hydrocarbon emissions.
60% -80% Reduction in Carbon Monoxide emissions.
20% Reduction in Nitrogen Oxides.
10% – 40% in Consume Reduction.
8% – 60% in Increase Mileage.

And of course a bumper sticker should be included with each magnet:


* Hope required.

GOP bored with presidential campaign

April 24th, 2008

It appears the latest GOP script has been emailed. dustbury noticed it:

Republican Party Chairman Gary Jones called upon Democrat Senators to follow Governor Henry’s lead … in making public their preferences for President of the United States.

Henry, you’ll remember, endorsed Barack Obama. Jones apparently wants all these Democrats on the record:

“Oklahoma voters deserve to know who their Democrat Senators and aspiring Senators will support. Does Nancy Riley support Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? Will Charlie Laster follow the lead of his friend from Shawnee and throw his support to Obama? Who can the voters of southeastern Oklahoma expect Richard Lerblance to support?” Jones asked. “I hardly believe either Clinton or Obama reflects the conservative, pro-family, pro-Second Amendment values of that region. Who will it be, Senator Lerblance?”

And Erudite Redneck noticed it too – on video, no less: ‘Democrats! Pick one! And hurry the hell up!’

Rob “Flash” Johnson, conservative pimp

April 24th, 2008

To most folks, state representative Rob Johnson may appear to be just another typical politician seeking the office of Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner.


But his wife’s blog indicates otherwise.


And it turns out that Rep. Johnson’s fashion style matches his political style: flash over substance. From his latest press release:

“The death tax is simply immoral and the sooner we get rid of it, the better,” said state Rep. Rob Johnson, House author of the measure.

First of all, there is no such thing as a “Death Tax” in Oklahoma. The term is used to incite emotion and attract attention to an estate tax that only applies to inheritances to other than a spouse of more than $2 million dollars. And that exemption increases to $3 million in 2009. And:

In 2003 when the exemption amount was $1 million, only 228 of the 35733 decedents in Oklahoma had estate tax liability – 99.8 percent of decedents paid no estate tax

These days, with the increased exemptions, Oklahoma’s estate tax affects even fewer descendants – about 1/10th of 1%.

Secondly, the estate tax is set to end in 2010 anyway. Johnson wants to eliminate the tax in 2009, even if it isn’t practical.

… he agreed that state revenue is down and said it may not be feasible to accelerate elimination of the estate tax this year.

The only reason it wouldn’t be feasible is if so-called conservative politicians kept reducing state revenues while at the same time crying out for more expenditures.

Rep. Johnson expresses concern over health of flood control dams

“Each year the state of Oklahoma is saved over $70 million in damage that is prevented because these dams are in place–and during last year’s record rainfall they saved over four times that amount,” Johnson said. “If we want this protection to continue and if we want to avoid the catastrophe of a dam failure, we need to act now to repair these structures.”

“Our appropriation of over $6 million is the most the state has ever dedicated to flood control rehabilitation. That being said, even with the federal match this money doesn’t go very far when you consider it costs roughly $1 million per dam for rehabilitation and we have over 1,000 dams that need to be repaired in the next 10 years. We have to do more if we want to ensure the protection these dams have provided for the last 50 years is maintained into the future.”

Since using a small tax on some of the inheritance from a fraction of Oklahoma’s wealthiest multi-millionaire estates for such a purpose would be “immoral” in Johnson’s view, maybe we should enact a “Flash Tax” on pimp costumes instead.

Snake in the grass

April 23rd, 2008

A popular place for folks to fitness walk around here is on Thunderbird dam. However, I prefer the area below the dam this time of year – less people and more nature.


Like this gal we came across yesterday:


She was in our path and Obi made a wide swing around her. (His respect for snakes developed after being bitten by a copperhead in our backyard last year.) I moved in for a close up and she patiently posed for a few flash shots. (That’s why I believe it was a female; male snakes are probably camera shy. Also, I didn’t see any bumps on her chin.) And despite its diamond back pattern and triangular head, I knew it wasn’t venomous. Yet, I couldn’t identify it until I got home and checked my Field Guide to Oklahoma’s Amphibians and Reptiles.

Identity here.

Meet a nerdy Oklahoma bred gal

April 23rd, 2008

Olivia Munn for instance (Complex magazine Rated R):

The 25-year-old actress, model, and host of G4 TV’s Attack of the Show! will say or do just about anything to elicit a guffaw.

What’s that? Think Miss Munn is out of your league? Well, do you like camping?

C: What do you think about hardcore guys camping outside stores to buy sneakers and video game consoles?

Olivia Munn: My favorite thing on a guy is a cool shirt, sneakers, and a watch, so if a guy’s camping out to get sneakers, that’s cool. I think you can really tell a guy by the kind of shoes he puts on his feet.

And are you fashion feeble?

C: What do guys wear that turns you off completely?

Olivia Munn: Anything that looks like an outfit he put more time into than I put into my outfit, matchy-matchy, pink shoes with a pink shirt.

Finally, do you have a phone?

C: Nonetheless, you’re generally very approachable.

Olivia Munn: I gave out my oliviamunn at gmail.com address on TV once, like “whatever”—and then I got 6,000 emails in one day. I had to make an alternate, but I still use that one. I’ve called fans if they gave me their number, too.

Just one bit of advice to those guys that might end up meeting Olivia: you may want to keep your distance.

C: Do germs bother you when you shake that many hands?

Olivia Munn: They always have sanitizer for us. The weird thing is, I’m really O.C.D.—I wash my hands a lot and I like things in corners—but when it comes to fans, I forget to sanitize my hands. There were a lot of kisses on the cheek, too, and it just didn’t bother me after a while. I know it sounds gross, but it’s because they’re such nice, normal people.

And if you’re lucky enough to get a date, bring your own soap.

C: So fan germs touched your body later when you showered?

Olivia Munn: I’m sure some of their germs were in my mouth. When I was in the shower, I just thought about all of them and their dirty, nasty germs all over me. I mixed their germs and saliva with lye and created a bar of soap. That’s what I bathe with now.

Carrots optional.

What used to be

April 13th, 2008

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on the past; four years ago on Okiedoke:

The Okie Round-up was only a few months old.

Acorns from an Okie sees Dems and Repubs a lot alike.
Backpedal by Design has his head in the clouds.
Batesline fears losers in charge.
Bitweever gathers April Fool’s pranks.
BizOfun loves his new Taco slot.
Bloggins..Schiesty blog – Crash different.
Camedwards waves goodbye to free speech.
Dustbury shares his blogging secret.
E-Scout used to dislike Wal-Mart.
Jewdez concludes some kids are just brats.
JMBzine is not happy with Green politics.
Library Stories is hunting for Okie library cats.
Life and Deatherage and Republican rules.
OkiePundit asks why Okies sent Carroll Fisher to China.
Oklahoma Wine News has a legal wine list.
Program Witch Pages tries something new at Blog Oklahoma.
Reflections in d minor is otherwise known as the “Persnickety Old Schoolmarm.”
Snellfrocky takes the L out of BLS.
So Blog Me! goes random.
This is class warfare won’t be listening to any talk radio.
Tropiary has the inside scoop on the Simpson’s negotiations. (Apr 1)
What’s Your Damage? posts a Tornado special.

About half of those blogs are no more.

I did polls back then.

Okiedoke poll results
Grade Oklahoma’s legislature

37.3% – D
34.9% – C
18.1% – F
9.6% – B
0.0% – A

How many blogs by Okies do you visit?

36.0% _ 5 -10
29.1% _ 1 – 5
20.9% _ 10 – 20
7.0% _ 20 – 30
5.8% _ All I can find
1.2% _ 30 – 40

I also gave out health tips.

Cutting cancer
Reducing your chance of getting cancer is worth the effort. The largest study to date shows how you can do your part to minimize your cancer risk.

Men who ejaculate 13 times a month or more, are much less likely to develop prostate cancer later in life than men who only do it four to seven times a month.

Men who reported ejaculating between 13 and 20 times a month had a 14 percent lower lifetime risk of getting the cancer than the four to seven times a month group.

The most-sexually active group surveyed for the study – men who said they ejaculated upwards of 21 times a month on average for most of their adult lives – had a 33 percent lower lifetime risk than the baseline group.

Read the rest of this entry »

Okie liberals and conservatives agree

April 7th, 2008

When it comes to Oklahoma rock

Nominate your choice for the Official State of Oklahoma Rock Song. Any song written or performed by an Oklahoman is eligible.

Liberal blogger Rena:

‘Funnel of Love’ by Wanda Jackson should be official Oklahoma Rock Song

Conservative blogger and rock music historian, Charles:

I sent in the one and only song that makes sense to me in this context: Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel of Love” (Capitol 4553, 1961), which offers not one, not two, but three connections to this state:

1. Wanda’s from Maud, and today lives in Moore.
2. The tasty guitar licks are provided by latter-day Tulsan Roy Clark.
3. What could be more Oklahoman than Tornado as Metaphor? I mean, really.

Current list of nominees here.

Okie round-up

April 5th, 2008

Gaze To The Right views Sally Kern from a gay conservative perspective.
Double or Nothing gives away its first computer.
Cycledog wants to barter.
Oklahomegrownveg is a late bloomer in some ways.
Urban Garden Hoe digs her little garden.
Okie Sister starts doggie drills.
Mark My Words can’t bear environmentalists.
Oklahoma Film Critics Circle doesn’t even have one YouTube link.
Creative Endeavors pens poem of Oklahoma.

Advantage McCain

April 3rd, 2008

When it comes to connecting with regular Americans, I’m afraid Sen. McCain beats Sen. Obama hands down.

Yes, Obama has his bowling, but McCain has fast cars

McCain served as honorary starter of the NASCAR race in Charlotte, N.C. Earnhardt drove the Budweiser car, painted military camouflage, rather than its trademark red, to honor the troops.

And as if that wasn’t enough …

Beer Executive Could Be Next First Lady

Budweiser, then NASCAR’s official beer, is brewed by Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc., whose products have made Cindy McCain and her family a fortune.

Yep, Cindy McCain runs the third largest distributor of Anheuser-Busch products in America! Not to mention supporting a restricted “Here’s to Beer” website.

And even though most folks would rather have a beer with Sen. Obama (45%) than with Senators McCain (23%) or Clinton (12%), it’s likely only because drinking with Cindy and her posse wasn’t an option.