Up against the wall

March 25th, 2008

I used to think my home improvement skills were OK.

Then I tried wallpapering,

a stairwell,

with a window.

Now, painting isn’t the pain I thought it was.

Sooner odds to win NCAA tourney ‘not too shabby’

March 19th, 2008

I’m a loyal Sooner basketball fan, but even I thought the chances of OU winning the men’s NCAA basketball tournament this year was between zero and none. Yet, after reading this, I’m a little ashamed of my self.

The Oklahoma Sooners odds to win the 2008 NCAA College Basketball Tournament have been set at +10000. In other words, a $100 bet would pay out $10,000. Not too shabby.

However, I’m not ashamed enough to put $100 on the Sooners. Even though they are a favorite in the first round.

… a -1 point favorite against their opponent, St. Joseph’s, this coming Friday.

Which makes St. Joe a +1 underdog.

Addendum – Well I’ll be… maybe I spoke too soon.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Seeking to bolster confidence in a NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament reeling from the growing recruitment crisis, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke formally picked #6 seed Oklahoma to win the entire tournament.

“Oklahoma has a great program, played a tough season, and has always made it to the Dance,” Bernanke said. “Oklahoma will win the tournament, and in doing so, stabilize college ball.”

Ya know, now that I think about it, wagering some shares of stock on the Sooners may not be such a bad investment after all.

OKC business leaders hush on Sonics facts

March 14th, 2008

Being it was Oklahoma City’s Chamber of Commerce largely bank-rolling the campaign for a sales tax to build a basketball team facility and enhance the Ford Center arena,

… [Chamber president] Williams said they’re willing to spend “several hundred thousand.”

reading this story makes me wonder if OKC voters had all the facts.

While lawyers for the city of Seattle and the Oklahoma City ownership group of the Sonics haven’t agreed on much in their legal wrangling to date, the two sides have joined in a motion requesting some documents be kept confidential in their upcoming trial.

What makes me wonder is not that the team owners from OKC, aka Professional Basketball Club, want to protect their business and private information, that’s understandable; especially considering a previous ruling by the judge which

… forces the Sonics owners to turn over e-mails from all six primary members of the PBC group …

The wonder part kicked in about here:

“Basically they agreed to produce certain documents only if a protective order is in place,” said Paul Lawrence, a K&L Gates attorney working on the city’s case. “Certainly none of the city’s documents are confidential, and I don’t even know if PBC has identified anything as confidential. The request came from third parties and we worked with them and PBC in order to get the protective order.”

Say what? The demand for secrecy came not from the Professional Basketball Club or the city of Seattle? But who then?

… the city’s legal team said the current motion is the best way to assure it can obtain certain documents from the NBA and Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce during the discovery process.

Oh. Well, maybe that does make sense. Because what good could possibly come from public awareness of methods and motives behind making OKC a Big League City?

Learning from Sally Kern

March 12th, 2008

Remarks by Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern reflecting her abomination of homosexuality have outraged many people, including Gov. Henry.

“Think before you speak,” the governor said.

Which is good advice for not only Rep. Kern, but for those she offends.

OSBI opens investigation into death threats against lawmaker

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is looking into death threats against a state lawmaker who told a political group that the gay agenda poses a bigger threat to the U.S. than terrorism and “is just destroying this nation,” an OSBI spokeswoman said Tuesday.

And this is exactly why Rep. Kern deserves some credit in my book. The hateful and threatening responses to her vile comments only tend to prove that the gay community is more normal than most people want to admit. If queers were really queer, they’d take Tommy’s advice:

One of the most powerful options when in the ugly face of hate is laughter.

Late model MX6 wanted

March 11th, 2008

As a resident of Little Axe, I probably should be insulted by this:

BRSI [Big Red Sports & Imports] has now returned with yet another ear scortching ad, sure to convince tens of idiots from Little Axe to venture to the “Big Town” of Norman and drop their weekly disability pay check on a 2001 Mazda MX6.

Yet, truth be told, I’d pay a pretty penny for a 2001 MX6. In fact, call me an idiot, but I’d be interested in buying any Mazda MX6 built after 1997.

Obama wrong on rejecting VP idea

March 10th, 2008

Obama should reconsider his outright rejection of a combined ticket with Hillary Clinton.

Obama dismisses Clinton joint ticket idea

Barack Obama dismissed as “gamesmanship” on Monday his rival Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that he become her running mate on a Democratic White House ticket…

This actually is a very good idea! For one thing, Clinton and Obama supporters should be satisfied. And another is that any 3am calls could be easily forwarded to Hillary and Bill’s house at the United States Naval Observatory.

Boy from Oklahoma ain’t no holy roller

March 10th, 2008

The first time I heard “Boys from Oklahoma” was a performance by the Cross Canadian Ragweed band in Oklahoma. The crowd loved it, in spite of lyrics like this:

Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong
They’re too damn skinny or way too long
I ain’t no holy roller so I just use a bong
Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong

OK, OK, much of the audience may have been high, but my point is that I would never had guessed that the song’s author was an Okie himself.

A Boy from Oklahoma is in need of Legal Help!

Gene Collier is the man who wrote “Boys From Oklahoma”,the most well-known Red Dirt song of all…. Now he needs your help.

Turns out ol’ Gene’s been workin’ on the railroad for 35 years and just got fired, accused of railroad property theft. (Judging by his lyrics, I figure he was probably just joy-ridin’ in a locomotive.) Anyway, the guy wants to clear his name. If you want to get the scoop from Gene, he’s in the Cushing, OK phonebook. Or you can make a contribution to:

R. Gene Collier Legal Defense Fund

Spirit Bank
P.O. Box 1177
Drumright, OK, 74030

Via Texas/Red Dirt Music Scene

Democrats choose not to challenge Inhofe

March 10th, 2008

Oklahoma Democrats have apparently decided not to run against Sen. James Inhofe this November. In an unusual move, State Democrat Party Chair Ivan Holmes does not even refer to Inhofe in his latest press release:

Inhoff Votes to Support Overseas Toy Manufacturers

OKLAHOMA CITY-U.S. Senator Jim Inhoff (R) voted Thursday against a senate bill which would help protect American consumers from unsafe products such as lead-tainted toys from China. Inhoff was one of only 13 senators to vote against the bill which could lead to a major expansion of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and stiffer fines for manufacturers and distributors of hazardous products.

“Once again Sen. Inhoff has embarrassed Oklahomans and specifically Oklahoma Republicans by standing against bipartisan efforts to protect our children from unsafe products,” said Ivan Holmes, Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman. “This should not be a partisan issue,” Holmes continued, adding, “this is about whether parents can go to a store and expect that their purchases will be safe to have in their homes.”

“I urge every Oklahoman to call Sen. Inhoff’s office and express their concerns about his efforts to protect business interests that may not be concerned about unsafe products which they manufacture or distribute,” Holmes concluded.

Now, Ivan’s got to be a political savvy guy, having managed to get a knucklehead like Lloyd Fields elected Labor Commissioner. (Then again, they only had to beat Brenda Reneau.) Yet, I’m not convinced that the tactic of pretending to run against someone other than Inhofe will fool that many Okies.

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