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Up against the wall

I used to think my home improvement skills were OK. Then I tried wallpapering, a stairwell, with a window. Now, painting isn’t the pain I thought it was.

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Sooner odds to win NCAA tourney ‘not too shabby’

I’m a loyal Sooner basketball fan, but even I thought the chances of OU winning the men’s NCAA basketball tournament this year was between zero and none. Yet, after reading this, I’m a little ashamed of my self. The Oklahoma … Continue reading

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OKC business leaders hush on Sonics facts

Being it was Oklahoma City’s Chamber of Commerce largely bank-rolling the campaign for a sales tax to build a basketball team facility and enhance the Ford Center arena, … [Chamber president] Williams said they’re willing to spend “several hundred thousand.” … Continue reading

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Learning from Sally Kern

Remarks by Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern reflecting her abomination of homosexuality have outraged many people, including Gov. Henry. ‚ÄúThink before you speak,” the governor said. Which is good advice for not only Rep. Kern, but for those she offends. OSBI … Continue reading

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Late model MX6 wanted

As a resident of Little Axe, I probably should be insulted by this: BRSI [Big Red Sports & Imports] has now returned with yet another ear scortching ad, sure to convince tens of idiots from Little Axe to venture to … Continue reading

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Obama wrong on rejecting VP idea

Obama should reconsider his outright rejection of a combined ticket with Hillary Clinton. Obama dismisses Clinton joint ticket idea Barack Obama dismissed as “gamesmanship” on Monday his rival Hillary Clinton’s suggestion that he become her running mate on a Democratic … Continue reading

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Boy from Oklahoma ain’t no holy roller

The first time I heard “Boys from Oklahoma” was a performance by the Cross Canadian Ragweed band in Oklahoma. The crowd loved it, in spite of lyrics like this: Them boys from Oklahoma roll their joints all wrong They’re too … Continue reading

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Democrats choose not to challenge Inhofe

Oklahoma Democrats have apparently decided not to run against Sen. James Inhofe this November. In an unusual move, State Democrat Party Chair Ivan Holmes does not even refer to Inhofe in his latest press release: Inhoff Votes to Support Overseas … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

Conscience Conservatism has some ideas for Lance Cargill. blows through the Wind Power Trail. stephenAmurphy sticks someone in Stigler. McNellies Beer Blog deserves a toast! Redneck Liberal is a lucky Oklahoma veteran. Apostrophic plugs her WordPress plugins. Confessions of … Continue reading

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