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Hoop dancing legal in Lawton

Folks in Lawton are getting excited about their new team: The Oklahoma Cavalry is a professional basketball team based in Lawton, Oklahoma. The original team (based in Oklahoma City) competed in the Continental Basketball Association from 1990 to 1997, when … Continue reading

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Oh deer, no quail

I’ve heard fewer than the usual gunshots around here since black powder deer season opened last Saturday. In recent years, participation in muzzleloader season has been on the rise, as well as the hunter success rate. Last year, hunters set … Continue reading

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Okie law cheap and plentiful

For all Okies who despise lawyers, this ought to make you feel a little better: Starting pay for lawyers in state lower than national average This places projected salaries for first-year associates at Tulsa-area large law firms within a range … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

OKGwidget gives blood for Halloween. Cats Enjoy People Who Hate Them puts a price on Christmas. The Happy Housewife doesn’t allow “princesses” in her home. The Motley Oklahoman finds a parasite in her uterus. Oklahoma Rock Newsblog lists the top … Continue reading

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Blogging markets in Oklahoma

Oklahoma City beats Tulsa in blogging. Scarborough Local Market Analysis: Top Local Markets for Bloggers And us bloggers in Little Axe? Starving to death! But probably not as bad as Pittsburgh (pdf).

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There goes another Democrat

That crazy kid, The OKcitykid, says this made him change his registration from Democrat to Republican.

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Cherish our freedom to hate

I’m really worked up about the controversy of Oklahoma state Representative Rex Duncan’s indignation over receiving a copy of the Quran. Sixteen state lawmakers have joined Rep. Rex Duncan, R-Sand Springs, in refusing a gift copy of the Quran. [Update … Continue reading

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Talkin’ the walk

I used to do my walking on the job, which included climbing many flights of stairs and inspecting outside equipment and facilities. It took me a year, but now I’ve finally developed a daily walking routine again. One thing that … Continue reading

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Coburn not homophobic, declares his love for Obama

I enjoy it when Sen. Tom Coburn appears on KFOR’s Flashpoint. Nobody makes partisan commentators Mike Turpin and Burns Hargis squirm more than the unconventional senator from Muskogee. Rabid Democrat Turpin has trouble painting Coburn with a broad Republican brush, … Continue reading

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Okiedoke flying high

Be back next week.

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