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Oklahoma yesterday

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If your elected reps are asses, so are you

I can understand the self satisfaction of righteous Democrats bashing Republicans on Daily Kos. Karen Hedwig Backman: The Nutcase Senators of Oklahoma The good Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, is the lone senator blocking final passage of a suicide … Continue reading

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Rice too white and polished?

Not being a fan of Sen. James Inhofe, I’m interested in hearing more about his challengers. State Senator Andrew Rice is one, therefore I’ll be checking his new campaign website periodically. So far, I get a mixed message. I do … Continue reading

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Okies catch up to Kentuckians

Tax cuts, corporate subsidies, right-to-work, and other economic incentives passed by Oklahoma legislators over the years have contributed to the state’s poverty rate equaling that of Kentucky. Newly released statistics show that while the nation’s poverty rate dropped, the number … Continue reading

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Tigers in Oklahoma

After almost 8 years and mileage well over six digits, I think my compact pickup truck is beginning to feel its age. I’ve worked the little four cylinder engine quite hard, hauling all types of cargo and often towing a … Continue reading

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Now twice as stupid

Normally I enjoy finding Okiedoke listed first in a search engine’s results. To me, it reflects my strong points and signifies the value people put in this blog. But I’m not sure what to think about this: Oh well, at … Continue reading

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Learning by example

Remember the old fashioned way of naming public grade schools after great historical figures? That was so 20th century. Oklahoma district to name school after Bridgestone … after it donated 60 acres of land to the district. – The land … Continue reading

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Odds on Loveless walk, uneven

I walk a few miles most mornings, something that takes about 30 minutes in this heat. So my hat’s off to this guy: Loveless to Walk 45 Miles for Senate District 45 Big deal you say? After all, the election … Continue reading

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Dousing Firefox

Kevin administers Blog Oklahoma, and he has a decision to make: A long time Blog Oklahoma member has started to do something I really don’t like. He is blocking Firefox users from his site. The reason, he doesn’t like the … Continue reading

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Not to be confused with Carrot Sprite

Oklahoma now boasts the first Gigantic Jet captured on film in the continental U.S. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of Gigantic Jets, or Carrot Sprites, before. We’ve only known about them for a short time. … the “discovery” … Continue reading

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