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August 31st, 2007

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If your elected reps are asses, so are you

August 30th, 2007

I can understand the self satisfaction of righteous Democrats bashing Republicans on Daily Kos. Karen Hedwig Backman:

The Nutcase Senators of Oklahoma

The good Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma, is the lone senator blocking final passage of a suicide prevention bill…

Inhofe also does not believe in Global Warming and Evolution…

But I don’t understand the appeal of bashing the residents of an entire state because of the people they send to Washington D.C.

… but when one says the word “Oklahoma,” need one go any further to see if science is allowed?

Sadly, of course not. We’re talking about Oklahoma here.

How nice it must be for Ms. Backman to be represented by politicians whose positions she supports 100%. I’m a bit envious. If only we could all be like her.

Rice too white and polished?

August 30th, 2007

Not being a fan of Sen. James Inhofe, I’m interested in hearing more about his challengers. State Senator Andrew Rice is one, therefore I’ll be checking his new campaign website periodically. So far, I get a mixed message.

I do like that the yard needs mowing, but Andrew comes across a little too polished wearing a suit and tie for the informal setting.

Granted, some folks prefer their rice and politicians well polished.

Polished rice i.e., white rice, which has been still processed to remove any trace of flour still sticking to the grain. Polished rice is popular among people in urban areas. … it is not so wholesome as brown rice and lacks most of the minerals, vitamins and other nutrients…

…long and continued use of this polished rice can be injurious to the health…

Which explains the sorry state of our political system today. As you might expect, I like my politicians just like my rice – unpolished.

However, if I find Andrew has an old car on blocks in the back yard, I’ll send him a check immediately.

Incidentally, while Inhofe is certainly not “polished”, I don’t consider him “unpolished” either. “Puffed” probably says it best.

Okies catch up to Kentuckians

August 29th, 2007

Tax cuts, corporate subsidies, right-to-work, and other economic incentives passed by Oklahoma legislators over the years have contributed to the state’s poverty rate equaling that of Kentucky.

Newly released statistics show that while the nation’s poverty rate dropped, the number of Oklahomans living below the poverty line continued to climb.

To think that state leaders can accomplish such a feat, in spite of a booming oil industry, is a tribute to the political finesse of Oklahoma power brokers.

Then again, if someone’s losing, it usually means someone else is winning.

Officials, including Gov. Brad Henry, have said some investors have found a way to manipulate the tax credit programs in “a shell game” that nets profits of 100 to 500 percent over a period of time.

Tony Mastin, director of policy at the Oklahoma Tax Commission, said a corporation or individual could make enough money in tax credits to completely offset their tax liability and continue that practice for up to 10 years.

Then again, maybe we just need to wait longer for Right-to-Work to kick in.

Right to Work Law is Helping Oklahoma Turn Into an Economic Leader

Yeah, us and Kentucky.

Tigers in Oklahoma

August 29th, 2007

After almost 8 years and mileage well over six digits, I think my compact pickup truck is beginning to feel its age. I’ve worked the little four cylinder engine quite hard, hauling all types of cargo and often towing a loaded 10 ft. utility trailer. The cargo box is banged up pretty good, and I expect worn parts will begin to need replacing soon.

I would have already bought a new model of the same truck, except that they are not being sold anymore in the US. What I’d really like is to buy a compact truck built right here in Oklahoma. But for that to happen, I need to wait on two things: One…

Tiger Truck to Open Assembly Plant in Oklahoma for Chinese Trucks

Vehicles will be delivered from Poteau in early 2008 and will be “Made in U.S.”

And two… something that doesn’t look too goofy.

Ya know, perhaps I should take better care of that little old truck of mine.

Now twice as stupid

August 29th, 2007

Normally I enjoy finding Okiedoke listed first in a search engine’s results. To me, it reflects my strong points and signifies the value people put in this blog. But I’m not sure what to think about this:

Oh well, at least it’s not almighty Google. That could detract from the prestige of the Okie Blog Awards.

Stupid Yahoo and Google. I now have a new favorite search engine. *Warning – site may not be safe to view from work, school, home, or anywhere else in the United States.

Learning by example

August 28th, 2007

Remember the old fashioned way of naming public grade schools after great historical figures? That was so 20th century.

Oklahoma district to name school after Bridgestone

… after it donated 60 acres of land to the district.

The land is next to a Dayton Tire plant the company closed in December, laying off about 1,400 workers.

I think it’s a mistake to name public schools after corporations like Bridgestone. Bridgestone is a Japanese corporation, for goodness sake! How misguided! We should be focusing on the future when naming grade schools. If Oklahoma schools are going to prepare students for the New World, anything other than Chinese company names shouldn’t even be considered.

Odds on Loveless walk, uneven

August 27th, 2007

I walk a few miles most mornings, something that takes about 30 minutes in this heat. So my hat’s off to this guy:

Loveless to Walk 45 Miles for Senate District 45

Big deal you say? After all, the election is a long way off.

Loveless will begin his walk in Canadian County on August 28th at I-40 and Mustang Road and will conclude the walk in Cleveland County, the next day August 29th. Along the way, Loveless will be making stops at the Mustang Town Center for a community meeting, the Moore Rotary lunch, and will be walking the old downtown of Moore.

Forty-five miles in less than 48 hours! In August! Including a community meeting AND a Rotary lunch! That’s a pretty good task for a big ol’ boy. I put the odds of him making it at 50/50.*

* Odds subject to change.

09:40 – Odds drop to 35/65
18:35 – Odds drop to 20/80

06:40 – Odds increase to 40/60

Dousing Firefox

August 27th, 2007

Kevin administers Blog Oklahoma, and he has a decision to make:

A long time Blog Oklahoma member has started to do something I really don’t like. He is blocking Firefox users from his site. The reason, he doesn’t like the AdBlock plug in. I’m not going to link to him here. Visit Download Squad if you want to find out more. This seems dumb to the point its an embarrassment. This guy trying to take a stand on what? Advertising? The only thing he is managing to do is let the rest of the web know about the Firefox plug-in AdBlock. Well guess what. I’m thinking real hard about revoking his membership in Blog Oklahoma because if it. I would love to get your thoughts on it.

My thoughts: Firefox is my browser of choice, however, I’m not for exiling a blog from the group because it blocks Firefox. For one reason, I haven’t missed it so far. For another, I may want to block people from using MS Explorer to visit Okiedoke one of these days.

Disclosure – Okiedoke’s layout is optimized for Mozilla Firefox.

Not to be confused with Carrot Sprite

August 27th, 2007

Oklahoma now boasts the first Gigantic Jet captured on film in the continental U.S.

Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of Gigantic Jets, or Carrot Sprites, before. We’ve only known about them for a short time.

… the “discovery” can be traced to 6 July 1989 when University of Minnesota Physics Professor John R. Winckler was testing a low-light video camera for an upcoming research rocket flight.

Makes a person wonder how much other natural phenomena happens around us that we don’t notice.