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Timing is everything

Good news for General Motors. General Motors Has $891 Million Quarterly Profit as Costs Fall And good news for the UAW also. General Motors Has $891 Million Quarterly Profit as Costs Fall GM and the UAW kicked off contract negotiations … Continue reading

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OK, do you know…

the only Oklahoma town on Mountain Time? – via Oklahoma Today

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Too much partying for Tom Cole

Have you ever seen a guy who spends so much time partying that it gets in the way of his job? It seems Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole, who happens to be in charge of getting Republicans elected to Congress, is … Continue reading

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Love is a many resplendent thing

As a guy who tends not to take things too seriously, I don’t hate easily. Then again, I don’t love easily either. But that doesn’t prevent me from enjoying people that do. I. Love. Oklahoma City. Seriously…. I am so … Continue reading

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Dis the government, not the flag

I’m not a military veteran, but I think I’ll put our flag up today. And salute it. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt; just because. Oklahoma military veterans say they’re amazed to learn of a federal law restricting when they can … Continue reading

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Oklahoma an extreme disaster

It’s often said that people living in Oklahoma have an inferiority complex when it comes to comparisons with other states. And I have to admit, the state has a lot of problems to deal with. Statistics in areas of wages, … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

The Daily Bitch blogs ’round the clock. 51313 Harbor Street opens his new book, Murder by Dewey Decimal. Say It Say It Say It is glad not to be “accepted” in Edmond. Chico and the Mom deal with a free … Continue reading

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OU football ranked #2 in nation

Sooner fans usually don’t like being #2, but in this case it’s better than placing first. Football’s Dirtiest Programs: #2, Oklahoma The Sooners are no strangers to the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions. With six football cases in their file, it’s … Continue reading

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Coburn and Lucas ham it up

After writing the previous post, I thought maybe I should go check on my “pork-buster” senator and see how he’s standing up against his assault on some of the biggest pork producers in Washington D.C. Now, I’m talking big ol’ … Continue reading

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Coburn better not mess with Smokey

It’s no secret that I’m a Tom Coburn fan. Not that I agree with Tom on everything, but I feel the guy does more good for government than bad. And to top it off, he has to fight the status … Continue reading

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