If I get a million, or 33

June 30th, 2007

My little old pickup truck is bumping 111,000 miles on the odometer. So far, so good. If I get a million miles out of it I’ll be happy.

OKLAHOMA CITY — Don Harvey’s long-haul truck had almost 2 million miles on it when its engine died this week.

Luckily, Mr. Harvey can afford to replace it.

Now, he’s planning to ride the road in style, after winning a $105.8 million Powerball ticket with his wife.

The Harveys, from eastern Oklahoma, took the lump sum of $33 million. But that won’t change the couple much. Don plans to continue to do what he likes. The 64 year old has been driving trucks all his life. He sure as heck ain’t gonna stop now.

He said he would buy a fancier truck than the one that finally quit running after he rolled into Muldrow from a trip delivering air conditioners to Madison, Wis. But it won’t be a new one, he said, saying there is no reason to waste money, even if you’ve got it to waste, on a vehicle that greatly depreciates in its first two years.

Here I thought I was a frugal guy… but I’d buy me a new truck AND quit working.

Oklahoma prison mystery revealed

June 29th, 2007

A detailed federal study has finally determined the reason for Oklahoma’s incarceration rate being the third highest in the nation.

The study found prison growth is being fueled by a larger number of people being sent to prison while fewer are being released.

If only we would have known this years ago.

Sooners pay to play

June 28th, 2007

Yesterday morning I read this:

Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione and five of the Sooners’ head coaches — including football coach Bob Stoops and basketball coaches Sherri Coale and Jeff Capel — had raises approved Wednesday by the university’s Board of Regents.

Stoops saw his guaranteed annual income rise $50,000 to $2.55 million. If he remains at OU past 2008, he gets a $3 million bonus. Stoops’ troops won the Big 12 Conference title last season.

Coale’s salary jumps $250,000 to $800,000, with a raise of $20,000 per year until 2011 when she’ll get a $70,000 raise along with an additional $200,000. Coale’s team made the Sweet 16 in the NCAA tournament the past two seasons.

Capel, hired just last year, gets a $100,000 raise to $750,000 a year. The rookie coach led his team to a 16-15 record last season.

Castiglione’s salary goes up $30,000 to $325,000 with a potential bonus increase to $155,000. Castiglione has had to work overtime dealing with violations in the university sports programs.

OU President David Boren was quoted as saying this action “sends a strong message …”. I sort of agree; especially the fat raise for Capel before he has proven himself.

Although the real action that sends a strong message was this story a day later.

The burden of $16 million in additional operating budget needs will fall on students as the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents voted Wednesday to raise student tuition and mandatory fees by nearly 10 percent.

Congratulations, you’re a winner

June 28th, 2007

When it comes to giving Okies the business, nothing compares to the Oklahoman and Congressman Tom Cole. If it wasn’t for the in-depth reporting by the paper’s business writers, folks might never know about the distinguished honor bestowed upon Oklahoma business owner Marie Childress.

Today, Childress also is celebrating her national title as one of Oklahoma’s Business Women of the Year for the second consecutive year from the National Republican Congressional Committee. For the second year, her name was published in the Wall Street Journal, and she will be invited to a dinner with President Bush.

Wow, two years in a row! With all the accomplished women business leaders in the state, that’s quite an honor.

Now you might not appreciate the level of accomplishment this award recognizes, but I do, thanks to researching a recent blog post. It turns out that the National Republican Congressional Committee [NRCC], led by Rep. Cole, goes to great efforts in seeking qualified business owners to recognize by publishing their names in the Wall Street Journal and offering lunch with the President. Here is testimony from another NRCC business award nominee.

The voice on the phone was pleasant yet businesslike. The woman identified herself as Diane and said she was working out of United States Representative Tom Cole’s office.

I received a message, not taped, but from an actual person who informed me that I was going to receive the National Leadership Award and I should call Washington – D.C. – for the details.

You bet I was excited. You don’t win a National Leadership Award everyday.

I called (1- 877-213-0603…don’t say I told you), and sure as shootin’, they were expecting my call and yes, because of my contributions to the world of business I was getting the award.

Not only that but, hold on to your seats, they wanted me to become an Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council!

Then they put Congressman Tom Cole (R, Okla) on the line. Freakin’ Tom Cole.

As you can imagine, the competition is stiff and not everyone can qualify. However, like any competitive business, the NRCC apparently puts their awards on sale occasionally, such as the coveted position of Honorary Chairman.

And all that happens with a donation of only five hundred dollars ($500.) to the NRCC…. Plus, if I can only send in two hundred ($200.) that would be okay too.

Incidentally, that post is two weeks old and is still attracting quite a bit of traffic from folks searching for Tom Cole Business Advisory Council. You can read comments from other such business award recipients here and here.

Dancing is for everyone

June 27th, 2007

Oklahoma Panhandle State University is all set to celebrate culture this weekend. It sounds like a blast!

Rudy Garcia demonstrates steps for the “Little Old People” dance, a traditional favorite where dancers incorporate stooped posture, shaking legs and canes.

As a 6’4″ guy that likes to dance, I especially appreciate any opportunity that allows me to mock the aged, short and frail. Other dances I enjoy are the “Double Amputee Charleston”, the “Mentally Handicapped Waltz”, and the “Fat People Ballet”.

Okie justice is served

June 23rd, 2007

This sounds interesting:

Beverly Naves, an unstoppable Molly Brown, has filed a series of civil RICO (Racketeered, Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) civil law suits naming every Federal and State Judge (764 of them) in Oklahoma, in their personal capacity.

The Bar, a TRADE UNION, issues recommendations to practice law for Attorneys (there is no such thing as a license to practice law) which are approved by the State Supreme Court. Those Judges are also members of the Bar. Both Attorneys and Judges are members of the same trade union. Judges are appointed or elected upon the recommendation of the Bar, while Attorneys are allowed to practice at the discretion of the Bar. So, we have a trade union in charge of or in control of the entire Judiciary. No Conflict of interest here, is there? Did you ever have the feeling that you were lying face up looking at the undercarriage of a bus?

Beverly Naves has filed her civil RICO suits because of perpetrations by some judges and actions not taken by other judges. That is to say, those who have perpetrated crimes against “the people” and those who stood by and did nothing, making themselves complicit in the crimes.

I want to be on that jury.

Don’t get too excited

June 23rd, 2007

Remember that woman who died after getting tasered by Oklahoma City police last month? The autopsy results are in:

A woman who died May 19 after Oklahoma City police used a Taser on her outside the City Rescue Mission died from excited delirium due to cocaine toxicity, the state medical examiner’s office ruled this morning.

Never heard the term “excited delirium” as a cause of death before. The victim’s husband is suing police and doesn’t feel a Taser gun should be used on anyone.

I don’t really blame the cops for tasering the woman to get her handcuffed, but I’m thinking that getting zapped with anywhere from 20,000 to 150,000 volts added to any excitement the woman had; especially after she was already handcuffed.

[OKC Police Chief Bill] Citty said Thompson continued to be combative, so officers used the Taser. She was on the ground when an officer tried five times to shock her, stunning her twice in the neck, Citty said.

… some police departments have prohibited the use of Tasers on handcuffed suspects.

That may be a policy worth considering when multiple officers are on the scene. Then again, I’m old fashioned. I’d just as soon use a slapjack.

Okie round-up

June 23rd, 2007

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Taken for a ride

June 21st, 2007

Justin Shattuck is ready to go. Anywhere. In North America. And wants to take you with him.

That’s right, today is the day! I’ve kept this baby under the hat for quite some time and today I am finally launching! I will be giving individuals rides to anywhere they want to visit in North America! I even pay for half the gas!

You can travel with Justin, literally or virtually, at his special website, SummerRideShare.

Why do Oklahomans hate kids so much?

June 20th, 2007

I tend to like the vast majority of Okies I run into and usually try to defend our collective shortcomings, but how can anyone defend this?

Oklahoma at the top in deaths from child abuse and neglect

The report says that from October 2004 through September 2005 there were 41 children in Oklahoma die due to abuse or neglect.

With a rate of 4.8 deaths per 100,000 children, Oklahoma dwarfed the national average of 1.96 deaths per 100,000 children.

I see no explanation for this barbaric fact, unless abortion rates of unwanted children are lowest in Oklahoma. The top reasons women choose abortions:

# Wants to postpone childbearing: 25.5%
# Wants no (more) children: 7.9%
# Cannot afford a baby: 21.3%
# Having a child will disrupt education or job: 10.8%
# Has relationship problem or partner does not want pregnancy: 14.1%
# Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy: 12.2%

Yet, while Oklahoma’s abortion rates are lower than the U.S. average (#32), at 10 per 1,000 women of reproductive age, Idaho has the fewest abortions of all at just 3 per 1,000. And in a year when Okies were killing their kids at a rate of more than 3 per month, parents in Idaho didn’t kill any of theirs.

Folks can talk about a bright future for the state’s next 100 years, but if Okies hate their youth this much, the prospects look pretty dim.