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Oklahoma’s premature inductulation

I’m not entirely sure what it takes to be put into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Being inducted into the hall this year will be Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett … former Miss America Jayne Jayroe Gamble … musician Toby … Continue reading

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Just when I thought I was doing good

Upgrading this blog yesterday wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Having such an old version of WordPress to begin with made the process a bit of a problem. Also, it didn’t help that the theme I chose was missing some … Continue reading

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Serious disgrace

Blurbs like this is why I read Fark news. Japanese farm minister commits suicide over office expense scandal, thereby explaining why there aren’t Republican or Democratic parties in Japan

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Me and my f**king blog

Sure he’s a pompous ass, but I can still appreciate Bill Maher’s often irreverent approach to political satire. And one reason I know he’s good at what he does is because his show sometimes offends even me. The latest example … Continue reading

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Buttered goodbye

Cissy is moving. Ten things I’ll miss about Oklahoma – And, the thing I’ll miss the most: 1. The people. I’m from Texas, and I’ll still say that bar none, Okies are the best. I have a feelin’ Cissy will … Continue reading

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Oklahoma beauty queen steps down

Miss Oklahoma Continental 2006 has had enough. OK kids, here comes a blog that NO one might wanna hear, but ya’ll are gonna get it anyways, and lemme start out by saying i do not give a flying #### what … Continue reading

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What’s your point?

Lester is visiting. I’m somewhere buried in northern Oklahoma. The people look like those old pictures of the Dust Bowl times. The food is awful; the beer is 3.2. Lester may be a little rude, but he does make a … Continue reading

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Down on OKC town

Babi Yar can’t find downtown OKC. Of all the things I hate about Oklahoma, the most is there is no downtown… Theres a bricktown… Which is the Oklahoma version of … We dont even have something so gay back home… … Continue reading

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‘Fresh Air Mick’

OKC Mayor Mick Cornett was on local TV news last week, pushing adoption of a Maps 3 sales tax to school kids. One of his selling points? He told them he could fix potholes with the extra money. It seems … Continue reading

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Message to Okie lawmakers: Read y’all

I listened to some Oklahoma legislators bragging about finishing their business ahead of the session closing deadline. Oklahoma lawmakers work into the night to pass legislation before they’re constitutionally bound to end the 2007 session. Some folks might think that’s … Continue reading

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