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SuperSonic fans desperate

I normally don’t sympathize much with folks that hate Okies, but in this case I’ll make an exception. Like I needed another reason to hate Oklahoma. It appears that at least one sleaze-ball sportscaster in Okie-town is referring to our … Continue reading

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You don’t know Oklahoma like I do

I’ve been noting some places to visit in Oklahoma this year using my free copy of the 2007 Oklahoma Travel Guide, OKLA GLORY – Centennial Edition. The guide really is an excellent tool for scheduling short trips to unique destinations … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

Hearth and Home captures Extreme Home Makeover in Oklahoma. Oklahoma Rock Newsblog is wired about college radio in Norman. Flow of Consciousness tells the tale of Saint Haralambos. Paddle Tales is swimming in poultry waste. plants a jungle of … Continue reading

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Vince Orza plays one on TV

Orza fans won’t want to miss this. Via dustbury.

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Enid firefighter too hot for department

Rookie firefighter Ashlei Wilson was stripped of her job for being out of uniform – way out. Ms. Wilson admits to performing a strip-tease at Crappy’s Warehouse Bar in downtown Enid. “The actions of a firefighter should inspire trust and … Continue reading

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Will this count as jobs for Oklahomans?

Encouraging commercial development in rural Oklahoma is an important subject at the state Legislature every year. Small towns like Hooker are all but dying. People started giving up on this place years ago. The drugstore and five-and-dime closed. The Ford … Continue reading

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Keating’s best for Oklahoma

I caught former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating on KFOR-TV’s Flashpoint Sunday. Keating named what he considered his most important accomplishments in his two terms as governor: right-to-work and a dome on the Capitol building. Right-to-work has done next to nothing … Continue reading

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Gov. Henry right about dumping lieutenant

I’ve been pondering it for a week now, and Gov. Henry is probably right. … the lieutenant governor’s office is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars. Funny thing is Henry said that before this came out. Lawmakers Question Spending Increase Sought … Continue reading

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Oklahoma safe zones

In its first year, Oklahoma’s new tattoo law is under attack. Industry officials say Oklahoma’s law is so restrictive that many parlors will have to shut down. One complaint is that tattoo parlors must be located at least 1,000 feet … Continue reading

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For a rally against the troops

I admit to leading a sheltered life, but I don’t get all the hoorah and hoopla about supporting the troops. It’s ridiculous! Veterans recently rallied at the State Capitol in support of our troops. Oklahoma legislators took a vote to … Continue reading

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