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Fixing my truck

The seven year old battery in my truck has been a little cranky lately on these cold winter mornings. A quick diagnosis showed a potential of only 10.6 volts after a good charge. Simple enough; today I’m replacing the battery. … Continue reading

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A surge of women

Funny … there’s been a surge of posts here lately having to do with women. And now I find out that my niece, Krista, just arrived in Ramadi, Iraq. The least I can do is support our president by taking … Continue reading

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Reap Oklahoma’s 100 year harvest

With so much stuff going around the state this centennial year, I plan to see and do a lot of things Okie in 2007. So it sure was nice to pick through a treasure chest of free goodies from the … Continue reading

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Aren’t Okie gals something!

Congratulations Lauren. It was the first time Miss Oklahoma won the Miss America pageant since 2006. And Lauren is only the 4th Okie to win the crown over the past 16 years. Here’s my favorite pic of Lauren. She plans … Continue reading

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Oklahoma women aren’t Looney enough

While I find Oklahoma women to be at least as attractive, caring and intelligent as women in any other state, there’s one thing about my Okie sisters that really falls short; they let men make the rules. Political pundits like … Continue reading

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Unemployed Okies have plenty of options

One good thing about Oklahoma is the abundant opportunities from the loss of manufacturing jobs. A woman laid off from her job at an Oklahoma City tire plant has won more than $280,000 at an Oklahoma casino. – … the … Continue reading

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Fewer tits in wringer

Come on ladies, your health is more important to us men than you may appreciate. Mammogram Rate Drops Slightly in U.S. Luckily, Burg provides an inspirational poem. For years and years they told me, Be careful of your breasts. Don’t … Continue reading

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One way to open Oklahoma elections

With Oklahoma’s unsophisticated voting machines growing old, just picture thousands of new, high security Diebold voting machines throughout the state. You know, the kind with tamper-proof locks. The latest security lapse for Diebold is a product of the company’s own … Continue reading

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Carrie and Sherri help Okiedoke

Judging by people who visit this site via search engines, a good way to increase traffic is for Carrie Underwood to get arrested and Sherri Coale to get naked. Or I could post thoughtful, well written articles. But I’m afraid … Continue reading

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Tom Coburn M.D. declared best website

As someone who gets a majority of news from the Internet, for some reason I tend to ignore the websites of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation. So, I thought I’d visit each and pass on my quick evaluation. Sites were viewed with … Continue reading

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