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Okie round-up

carrie r. richardson pictures Tulsa in December. paul l mccord jr pictures OKC on Christmas Eve. Oklahoma Film Critics Circle announces their best and worst. Incurable Insomniac wants you to be a film critic. Library Stories gets funked. OK Blue … Continue reading

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Do it for her

Finally, some scientific evidence showing why women should do the housework. Housework wards off breast cancer So guys, if you really care about your wife’s health, you’ll selflessly let her do as much around the house as possible.

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Atoka county up to speed

Three Oklahoma towns have been recognized by the Dept. of Public Safety for their approach to enforcing traffic laws. DPS and Oklahoma Highway Patrol spokeswoman Kera Philippi said that Caney, in Atoka County, and Moffett, in Sequoyah County, were told … Continue reading

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Keeping things right

Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole is worried about Republicans becoming an endangered species in Washington D.C. By losing the majority, he said, “we’ve lost one of the most powerful reasons for members to stay.” Silly me. Here I thought the most … Continue reading

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Jammin’ on Broadway

If you’re thinking about jammin’ during your work commute, you should check out your Jam Factor™ first. BTW, the last good Traffic jam I remember included a bitchin’ solo by Dave Mason.

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Finding a groove

I got sidetracked around here lately. I’d like to blame the holiday season for upsetting my routine, but really can’t. However, I can say I’ve found the problem. And the problem is that I don’t have a routine anymore at … Continue reading

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Merry Holidays

and a Happy Christmas.

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TABOR supporters stunned

When tens of thousands of signatures were voided from a petition last year to place a TABOR initiative on the ballot, charges were made that an out-of-state firm violated the law by using an army of non-Oklahomans to solicit signatures. … Continue reading

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OK Senate a happy place

This ought to be interesting: Democrats and Republicans in the Oklahoma State Senate have reached a historic agreement to share power… … leaders said the historic agreement will ensure that the Senate‚Äôs business can be conducted in an orderly fashion … Continue reading

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Mustang officials may buck voters

Folks in Mustang were presented with three bond propositions to consider yesterday: … $7.1 million dollars in bonds to fund a new sports complex, fire equipment and road repairs. Voters supported the fire equipment bond financing, but rejected the idea … Continue reading

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