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Definitely NOT the Good Humor man

You think you had a crappy week? Just be glad you’re not Yura. I’m sick of everyone telling me “Well, you get paid well for what you do. Sit around and do nothing.” EXCUSE ME??? Do you have to haul … Continue reading

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Non-Oklahomans foil ‘Oklahomans for Good Government’

Imagine that; an army of paid out-of-state petitioners may not be on the up and up. The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Thursday threw out an initiative petition to put a taxpayer bill of rights proposal before state voters. The court’s … Continue reading

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Giving Inhofe the benefit of doubt

Sen. Jim Inhofe gets a lot of heat for his position on global warming. Perhaps the most often quoted passage in the blogosphere over the past few years is his 2003 statement that the threat of catastrophic global warming [is] … Continue reading

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Final call for Okie blogs

Today is the last day to submit your favorite Okie blogs for consideration in this year’s Okie Blog Awards. Categories are: Best Overall Blog Best Political Blog Best Family Blog Best Humor Blog Best Audio Blog Best Blog Layout Best … Continue reading

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Coburn irks GOP more than any Democrat

Bloggers have been trying to guess who the lone powerful senator is that is successfully blocking an effort by Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn (and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.) to expose legislative earmarks that drive excessive government spending in Congress. I … Continue reading

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Don’t get all fired up

With reports of an Apple laptop on fire (and I’m not talking sales), this news only works to take another bite out of the progressive company’s image. Hongfujin Precision Industry Co., a major exporter owned by a Taiwanese company, filed … Continue reading

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Rain more than OK in OKC

With this Oklahoma drought, I had a feeling more and more folks in Oklahoma City were praying for rain. It’s been 110 years since Oklahoma City has set a 24-hour record for rainfall for Aug. 26. But that happened Saturday, … Continue reading

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Law and disorder aired in OKC

Melissa is returning to Oklahoma. I’m physically in Utah, but my mind has already migrated to Oklahoma. I’ve changed a lot of my online profiles to read Oklahoma City, OK as my residence. I’ve been looking up Oklahoma things, seeking … Continue reading

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The Henry-Hiett ticket

Governor Brad Henry has started rolling out his re-election campaign in a big way. After taking off from his campaign headquarters in Oklahoma City, Gov. Brad Henry started his RV campaigning tour in Norman Monday morning at Bevenutis. Henry stressed … Continue reading

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Time to change Oklahoma’s motto

Oklahoma is doing pretty good in keeping up with today’s modern economy. Organized business and their political representatives have made great strides in tilting the economic playing field in order to attract investment. A greater percentage of the tax base … Continue reading

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