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Cornett fallin’ fast

If you thought OKC Mayor Mick Cornett already had a big hill to climb in the primary runoff to overcome Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin’s 11% lead for U.S. Representative, wait until you see the ledge he’s on now. Former Challengers … Continue reading

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NewsOK Informs

I’ve been playing with a new feature of NewsOK this morning. … a search product that will allow readers to dig deep into topics related to the stories they are reading online. When users click on what is called a … Continue reading

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You can leave your hat on

Now that Oklahomans have elected their first openly gay legislator, it’s just a matter of time before people from outside Oklahoma begin noticing other gay things about us. Like all the gay hats we Okies wear without realizing it. I’m … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

Colleen’s Collections and Comments catches us up. 111 Brad Street is a family affair. Library Stories thinks OSU’s Patent library should have some fun. Caddo- My Home Town goes back to school after 83 years. Redneck Diva deals with potty-mouth. … Continue reading

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Auto plant in Ardmore not simple

And let the spending begin. A state board today took 20 (m) million dollars from the newly created “Opportunity Fund” as part of the financial incentives that brought a Chinese company to Oklahoma to build an automobile assembly plant. – … Continue reading

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But they look marvelous

Oklahoma authorities grabbed a couple of Kentucky fugitives on their way through Tulsa. The Northern Oklahoma Fugitive Task Force, along with the ATF and Oklahoma Highway Patrol, arrested Jacques Carr and Camber Case on the Will Rogers Turnpike early Thursday … Continue reading

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Okiedoke observed

Terry Hull gives Okiedoke the once-over. Be warned, sometimes Okiedoke is rough around the edges. Hermes has no distaste for the occasional profanity. Sometimes Hermes is funny; sometimes he is funny and vulgar; and sometimes he’s just vulgar. I take … Continue reading

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Heather without the leather

If you’re like me, you get a visual when hearing a headline such as this: Oklahoma City Woman Charged With Raping And again, if you’re like me, you visualize along these lines: But in reality, you just know it’s got … Continue reading

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Everyday is Oklahoma Citizen Justice Day

Oklahomans believe in justice so much that we can carry concealed weapons and shoot people anywhere we feel threatened. But don’t forget, for those tinhorns who don’t carry a gun or are a little squeamish about shooting someone, you can … Continue reading

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Beware of staff in Norman library

With my local library still reeling from the arrest of an employee suspected of sexual perversion, remaining library employees are getting on-the-job training on how to deal with other sexual deviants. A man was arrested on Monday after allegedly grabbing … Continue reading

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