It’s over in an hour

April 30th, 2006

It has been a long weekend here at work. Alone, nothing to do. The first time I’ve worked solo, and it’s my last day. It’s also the final weekend anyone is to work here; a Monday through Friday operation from here on out.

I’ve made some friends and enemies in this place over the years. The enemies are gone. And in some ways, I’ll miss them too.

I remember one hot-shot assigned to work here for a while who went into a rage and demanded I be fired for not following his dumb-ass instructions! I laughed as he was told to leave the premises. After sending a letter to some levels of management, I never saw him again.

Another good one was a newsletter I anonymously produced that sarcastically mocked a management group consisting largely of morons that came in to take over. How popular was it? Everyone that read it laughed! But it stirred up such a commotion that I’m glad no one had proof I wrote it. (Yeah, I’m not always as sweet as I am on this blog.)

My belongings are packed into two bags and a big box, leaving many books and manuals behind. I have an urge to keep them, yet they would only be excess baggage on my new journey.

It begins in an hour.

Tulsa World joins 21st century

April 29th, 2006

JMBzine gets some good news from an Oklahoma newspaper that is stingy with its news to begin with.

Dear former subscriber,

We are pleased to announce that as of Monday, May 1 will be a free site. That means all pages of the website can be accessed for free.

Anyone will be allowed to retrieve an article for free if it has been published during the last 30 days.

That’s a nice change of policy for them. However, you might want to think twice before linking to any of their articles. They may just be setting bloggers up for threats of lawsuits.

Okie round-up

April 29th, 2006

That Crazy Kid, The Okcitykid wants Okies to rally against Bush and Haliburton too.
Chef Walter cooks up an Oklahoma food blog.
Left End of the Dial is in a funk over panhandle education.
euphoricreality sees Kennedy and Bush bordering on stupidity.
Kellyology prepares everyone for storms with tennis shoes.
Plains Girl shows what a little pushing can get you.
Joel Blain has a blog like no other.
This is not for you mows the lawn.
Endless Nameless speaks for the trees.

Keep the Death Tax alive

April 28th, 2006

When I hold an unpopular view, I like to drive it home. Again and again.

Proponents of abolishing the estate tax like to refer to it as the “death tax”. Of course, that’s not really true, as the estate tax isn’t applied to dead people, it’s applied to those folks who happen to inherit over a million dollars; and even then, only in some cases.

Darren Magady, in the Muskogee Phoenix, explains:

The estate tax was created at the turn of the century by the wealthiest to avoid creating an established upper class as many European countries had and have to this day. The estate tax does not punish the person with the estate, it merely treats descendants of estates above $1.5 million to consider that money as income. This supposedly creates a “disincentive for productive activity.” Quite the contrary, the estate tax encourages giving to non-profits and organizations, reminds people that “you can’t take it with you.”

It also reminds people that if you have income well over a million dollars, you may have to pay income tax on it.

Pray for Oklahoma legislators (but be careful)

April 28th, 2006

If you’re going to pray for members of Oklahoma’s House of Representatives, you’d better get it right. Or you could be cruisin’ for a brusin’.

Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, a Baptist minister, didn’t appreciate Rep. Al Lindley‘s sarcastic prayer for legislators yesterday and told him so face to face, or rather nose to nose. The confrontation, recorded by News 9, shows a third legislator keeping Wesselhoft from delivering some ordained whupass.

Tulsa chokes

April 28th, 2006

The American Lung Association has issued a report card to America on the State of the Air for 2006. Oklahoma does pretty well over all, with most counties receiving B’s and A’s. Now, if we can only get those slackers in Tulsa to clean up their act and at least raise their ozone grade to a D.

Training my ass off on

April 27th, 2006

You’ll have to excuse my lack of posting; I’m a little depressed. After years of working out, I have again failed to reach my desired goal.

World Championship Roster Announced for USA Men’s Sitting Team

It just makes me want to train even harder.

Fallacies of either/or politics

April 27th, 2006

Many folks seem to think this bumper sticker is funny.

I think it’s sad. Sad that those are the two symbolic choices we’re left with in American politics. And either one results in negligence, injury and suffering.

Fallacies of either/or politics:

  • You support abiding by immigration laws? You must hate all immigrants.
  • You oppose “free trade” policies? You must hate trade with other countries.
  • You think corporate welfare is out of hand? You must hate capitalism.
  • You don’t believe in torture? You must love terrorism.
  • You question unchecked government authority? You must have something to hide.
  • You want to balance government spending to income? You must be middle-class.
  • You want to consider candidates other than Republican or Democrat? You must be nuts!

One thing the party faithful from either side do agree on is that while they may not be so good, they deserve support because they’re not quite as bad as the only other “viable choice”.

Don’t think this makes for great democracy? You must be an ideologue.

Henry reduces gubernatorial authority

April 26th, 2006

Another reason why Brad Henry will be one tough Democrat to crack before November for Okie Republicans.

Governor Brad Henry signs into law a bill that protects citizens’ rights to have firearms, even during times of civil emergency.

The new law eliminates a governor’s power to prohibit the possession of guns by law-abiding citizens during an emergency. It was sparked by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when local authorities tried to confiscate firearms from citizens.

In an era when government leaders are trying to gain power and usurp civil rights, it’s good to see an example of the opposite. Which goes to show; some of the best new legislation is that which removes old legislation. Too bad there’s not more of it.

Iraqis get Rumsfeld blessing

April 26th, 2006

It’s hard to disagree with those who criticize Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s decisions about Iraqi strategy when he thinks this is a good idea.

Rumsfeld flies in to Iraq to back new PM

“The reason we’re going into Iraq is because this is a very significant time and … the president asked us to go in to show support for this new government,” Pentagon press secretary Eric Ruff told reporters traveling with Rumsfeld.

If Iraqis need Rumsfeld to approve their government, things over there are worse than I thought.