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It’s over in an hour

It has been a long weekend here at work. Alone, nothing to do. The first time I’ve worked solo, and it’s my last day. It’s also the final weekend anyone is to work here; a Monday through Friday operation from … Continue reading

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Tulsa World joins 21st century

JMBzine gets some good news from an Oklahoma newspaper that is stingy with its news to begin with. Dear former subscriber, We are pleased to announce that as of Monday, May 1 will be a free site. That … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

That Crazy Kid, The Okcitykid wants Okies to rally against Bush and Haliburton too. Chef Walter cooks up an Oklahoma food blog. Left End of the Dial is in a funk over panhandle education. euphoricreality sees Kennedy and Bush bordering … Continue reading

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Keep the Death Tax alive

When I hold an unpopular view, I like to drive it home. Again and again. Proponents of abolishing the estate tax like to refer to it as the “death tax”. Of course, that’s not really true, as the estate tax … Continue reading

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Pray for Oklahoma legislators (but be careful)

If you’re going to pray for members of Oklahoma’s House of Representatives, you’d better get it right. Or you could be cruisin’ for a brusin’. Rep. Paul Wesselhoft, a Baptist minister, didn’t appreciate Rep. Al Lindley‘s sarcastic prayer for legislators … Continue reading

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Tulsa chokes

The American Lung Association has issued a report card to America on the State of the Air for 2006. Oklahoma does pretty well over all, with most counties receiving B’s and A’s. Now, if we can only get those slackers … Continue reading

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Training my ass off on

You’ll have to excuse my lack of posting; I’m a little depressed. After years of working out, I have again failed to reach my desired goal. World Championship Roster Announced for USA Men’s Sitting Team It just makes me want … Continue reading

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Fallacies of either/or politics

Many folks seem to think this bumper sticker is funny. I think it’s sad. Sad that those are the two symbolic choices we’re left with in American politics. And either one results in negligence, injury and suffering. Fallacies of either/or … Continue reading

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Henry reduces gubernatorial authority

Another reason why Brad Henry will be one tough Democrat to crack before November for Okie Republicans. Governor Brad Henry signs into law a bill that protects citizens’ rights to have firearms, even during times of civil emergency. The new … Continue reading

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Iraqis get Rumsfeld blessing

It’s hard to disagree with those who criticize Defense Secretary Rumsfeld’s decisions about Iraqi strategy when he thinks this is a good idea. Rumsfeld flies in to Iraq to back new PM “The reason we’re going into Iraq is because … Continue reading

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