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Okies getting poorer

Oklahoma’s legislative efforts to attract good paying jobs by increasing business tax incentives hasn’t kicked in yet according to the most recently published U.S. Census data on income and poverty. Just in case you hear about how family income has … Continue reading

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Hear ye, hear ye

Due to unforeseen circumstances, blog entries here on Okiedoke will be somewhat more infrequent than normal. I think it best to accelerate the start of a project that I have long had planned for the future. It is an effort … Continue reading

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Okiedoke – Vintage Okie opinion :: (Cat furniture wholesale) News

I enjoy being linked to by other bloggers. But some links are worse than others. Okiedoke – Vintage Okie opinion :: News sites. Data harvested at such sites is then used fraudulently. The Anti-Phishing Working group There’s even a comment … Continue reading

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Oklahomans respond to GM announcement

Some people are taking the General Motors decision to stop production at the Oklahoma City assembly plant kind of hard. Beginning with the mayor. While Gov. Henry was surprised by Monday’s announcement that GM would be closing its Oklahoma City … Continue reading

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Creepy librarians

How many folks are driven out of Oklahoma by librarians? i want out of oklahoma! i really can’t stand living here with all the messed up shit that happens here… but even if i manage to get out i’ll get … Continue reading

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OKC GM plant not really closing… yet

News reports are saying that General Motors will be closing a local auto assembly plant early next year. OKC’s GM Plant to Close Don’t you believe it! Under the GM-UAW labor agreement, assembly plants can’t be closed. Of course, GM … Continue reading

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America – paper tiger

Say what you will about the justification and methodology of the war in Iraq, the very fact that President Bush is willing to sacrifice thousands of Americans to secure democracy and security for people throughout the world shows the importance … Continue reading

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Journalism reaches new low

Sorry, politicians (and qualified journalists), the FEC says (pdf) I am a journalist. …an entity otherwise eligible for the press exception would not lose its eligibility merely because of a lack of objectivity… And God knows I’m lacking.

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Okiedoke visitors more intelligent than most

Lest you think Okiedoke is mostly frivolous nonsense, I’m happy to point out the number one search word bringing folks to this site so far in November is australopithecus. (I’d link to the definition, but all Okiedoke readers should already … Continue reading

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Okie religious protestors

For a relatively small religious denomination that believes salvation is found in faith rather than deed, Lutherans will certainly be busy doing good deeds this week preparing free Thanksgiving dinners throughout the state. Then again, perhaps it is a proper … Continue reading

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