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You did say cut the pork

Our elected representatives in Washington may not be able to get anywhere close to a majority willing to cut pork in the bloated federal highway bill. But they seem to have other more popular ideas on ways to reduce pork, … Continue reading

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Halloween horrorscope

This is so wrong for me. Michael’s Daily Scorpio Forecast Forget about the dishes in the sink. If there’s a knock at the door, stick them in the oven. Slip into your most flattering jeans, do what you can with … Continue reading

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Oklahoma college kids don’t panic

Living close to a college town, I regularly hear about the stories of crazy student hi-jinx. But evidently, Oklahoma’s college students are no match for students in other U.S. institutions of higher learning. The best advice lawyer C.L. Lindsay has … Continue reading

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Say no to Oklahoma Aging Dept.

I am at the ripe old age that begins my transition into senior citizenship (and will be chalking up another year next week). I’ve been solicited by AARP for a couple of years now and already qualify for senior citizen … Continue reading

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Rosie anticipates Dick

Being a social idealist from southeastern Oklahoma can’t be easy. Rosie testifies to that: I think I may have actually found that friend I can talk to, someone who’s interested in what I have to say. Hold your applause momentarily … Continue reading

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Watering down health care

You may have heard about Exxon-Mobil eeking out a profit in this era of high oil and gas prices. Exxon Mobil raked in $100 billion in just three months, and $10 billion went right onto its bottom line. Take a … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

Yet Another Small Town Moment gets their flu shots. Thoughts and Meanderings thinks through her Powerball winnings. construction time again moves to Davis; an hour from the mall. My Oklahoma Life trains to be a Master Naturalist. tempest in a … Continue reading

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Okie coke

At the fast food place today, the young lady ordering ahead of me was asked, “Do you want a drink with that?” “Yes” she said. “A Coke… Dr. Pepper.” I mention this to two guys at work and get the … Continue reading

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Nurses pose for good cause in OKC

If you like nurses, and also like those calendars with photographs of provocative professionals, the Oklahoma Nurses Association has a calendar for you. (NewsOK reg) In the calendar, nurses are shown flexing their muscles, working out, riding bicycles, shooting targets … Continue reading

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ODL adds up

TechnoBiblio sums it up: Technology + Libraries = ODL I think the fine folks at ODL (Oklahoma Department of Libraries) are doing a great job. Not only are they helping to up the bandwidth throughout their rural libraries (lots and … Continue reading

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