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Katrina give and take

The destruction from Katrina will bring out the best in people. And the worst. Oklahomans are known for their giving spirit, and Attorney General Drew Edmondson is cautioning those with charitable intentions to give generously but wisely. ÔÇťOklahomans have proven … Continue reading

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Boomin’ Bixby?

Bixby is a part of Tulsa Vision 2025. But I guess there’s some question by the Bixby Bulletin on whether there is actual renovation going on. As of now, a majority hadn’t noticed.

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Oklahoma hopes to grow midget technology

Oklahoma’s tiniest website has big ideas. Oklahoma is doing cutting edge research in a number of areas of nanotechnology. We have nano companies in medical treatments, advanced materials, and energy. The federal government is investing over $1 billion in nanotechnology … Continue reading

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Confidential priority

The federal government has finally concluded itsextensive investigation into the origins of the incidence of mad cow disease in Texas last June. The government closed its investigation into the nation’s first domestic case of mad cow disease Tuesday, saying it … Continue reading

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Defending CEO treason

Any one who knows me will expect a rant about this report on CEO pay. But rather than belittle the treasonous bastards, I’m going to play the angel’s advocate, and defend their lust and greed. The ratio of average CEO … Continue reading

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Aliens should bale hay

Oklahoma hay farmers have to deal with a wide variety of problems when it comes to their crop. There’s always this: UFO – Confounding crop circles show Alberta led Canada with 34 markings, while Illinois, with 32, and Oklahoma, with … Continue reading

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The fatty truth

I expect to see some people griping about this consumer friendly lawsuit: California Attorney General Bill Lockyer has filed a lawsuit to force top makers of potato chips and french fries to warn consumers about a potential cancer-causing chemical found … Continue reading

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Sign sends signal

I notice signs. I like signs. Many of my younger years were spent in the sign business. And one of the most satisfying jobs I’ve ever had was at a small shop in Norman that built custom architectural signage. Using … Continue reading

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Blogging ahead

One of my early blog mentors, Becky, a Georgia girl being schooled in Canada (in rhetoric, no less), links to, and appears in, an interesting article on blogging. One topic in the article is the role of bloggers as journalists. … Continue reading

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Cheer down

Ya know, I really don’t mind people coming to Oklahoma, but do they all have to be so damned perky about it? There’s Ash in Montana: YAY!! Out of all the states that i have moved to oklahoma is the … Continue reading

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