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Still sifting OKC bomb debris

For those who feel there may be more to the OKC bombing investigation than has been revealed, the McCurtain Daily Gazette continues its coverage. Newly released documents received by a Salt Lake City attorney in his suit against the Oklahoma … Continue reading

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Take_a_cat_nap heads back to Florida in two weeks: It’s a beautiful Saturday in Oklahoma. My family has finally moved into the house they built and left Choctaw (also known as “the land of awesomeness”). – I love all the stars … Continue reading

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A stupid welcome

Susan is a teacher who recently moved to Oklahoma and misses home: Stupid Oklahoma. Sorry you feel that way. The only thing I can say is, welcome.

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Put me in the middle

Isn’t it nice that the “War on terror” is over? Recently, top officials of the Bush Administration have changed the way that they are talking about terrorism. They have stopped talking about a “war on terrorism.” Thinking it too narrowly … Continue reading

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I brake for bloggers

If an Oklahoma sorority can have their own vanity license plate, why not Okie bloggers? The newest special license plates adorning the cars of Oklahomans are those that bear the colors and symbols of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, and … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

BatesLine becomes an urban legend. 51313 Harbor Street almost dreads inspiration. Inside Red’s Head is crushed by her blog. The Bart and Cindy Podcast Show tour France with Lance (MP3). JMBzine discusses the Green divide. Sleeping Mommy has cramps (and … Continue reading

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Hiett’s burden

State House Speaker Todd Hiett says reforming taxes is a number one priority for him: “Oklahoma’s burdensome tax structure must change if we are going to make our state more competitive,” said Hiett, pointing to the estate tax and income … Continue reading

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Okies knew better

At first, I thought this a good idea: The demand for more interstates and highways is pushing Texas to explore a concept that’s quickly gaining momentum in America and ultimately may drag Oklahoma along as well: private toll roads. But … Continue reading

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Walgreen’s speedy service to slow

I like Walgreens. Everyone there, employees and customers alike, are always full of energy. Also, they seem to have a better selection of some items than other drug stores. Like cold medicines. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs … Continue reading

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Kitten news

Chelsea Hover, with southern Oklahoma’s TV channel 10, reports on Oklahoma’s Plan for Roads & Bridges: Outdated bridges, bumpy roads, and dangerous driving conditions are some of the issues community leaders are trying to tackle…and resolve. So far so good. … Continue reading

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