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Is it getting hot in here?

Let me begin this story from the end: “Such a degree of climate change is so far outside the range covered by experience and scientific understanding that we cannot with any confidence predict the consequences for the Earth system,” Now … Continue reading

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Oklahomans shouldn’t be surprised

Any Democrats who are surprised by the Oklahoma state party deficit spending (NewsOK reg) shouldn’t be. Much of the state Democratic Party’s debt of nearly $500,000 deals with expenses incurred in an unsuccessful U.S. Senate race, a former party official … Continue reading

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Google adds up

My server hosting company offered me a $25 credit towards Google AdWords service. What the heck, why not try it out? So last night I set up an account to post an ad in Google search results for the word … Continue reading

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I haven’t been catfishing for a while now, but this bad boy gets my juices flowing. Nine feet long and 646 lbs. Photograph by Suthep Kritsanavarin Giant Catfish May Be World’s Largest Freshwater Fish After a record-breaking Mekong giant catfish … Continue reading

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Seeing red in Oklahoma

There’s something especially alarming about red flags in Oklahoma: The state department of forestry services is issuing a Red Flag Fire Alert for 29 counties in southern and southeastern Oklahoma. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But the forestry … Continue reading

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Getting to the point

Toyota commercials are more expressive outside the U.S. – EXPIRED – (Windows Media Video 872KB – Rated PG) Available for a limited time only.

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Travel trip

Here’s one to get you thinking… What mode of public transportation has never had a death attributed to it? Clues: It began in 1880 and is still in use today. A fare is required, but it is subsidized by the … Continue reading

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I love my acid

I’ve been a big Vitamin C fan for many years now and swear it helps my immune system. So I had to check this out: Vitamin C pretty useless when it comes to colds Excerpts from the report: We sought … Continue reading

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Linky dink

Boy, did the Truth Laid Bear’s Ecosystem ever lower its standards. Okiedoke has been labeled a Marauding Marsupial for quite a while. I check today and now it’s listed with the Large Mammals. I realize it’s easy to pad your … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a firm Fanny

Claremore’s code enforcement officer doesn’t need a gun to get the job done: A crew of sign installers got the message real quick when Fanny Campbell flipped off the hydraulic switch to their bucket leaving them stranded mid-air. Campbell, Claremore’s … Continue reading

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