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Political value

Anyone who thinks our congressmen are worthless should think again. (Norman Transcript reg.) Sen. Jim Inhofe reported assets valued between $2.1 million and $5 million, Sen. Tom Coburn reported assets from $1.1 million to $3.4 million and Rep. Tom Cole … Continue reading

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A stiff penalty

Obeying the law in Oklahoma sometimes requires extra self discipline. An erection that shows through a man’s clothing is illegal OK, but shouldn’t there always be an accessory to the crime?

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Lost in Oklahoma

Megan isn’t sure what she wants, but doesn’t think it’s in Oklahoma. SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE I’M NOT MEANT TO BE IN OKLAHOMA, MY OWN BROTHERS TELL ME THEY DONT’ WANT ME HERE. I DON’T KNOW. I JUST KNOW I’M … Continue reading

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How’s your credit?

Tomorrow, June 1, Oklahomans join millions of other Americans in the right to freely gain the knowledge of just what Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union credit agencies have on us. Robert McLeod, a professor at the University of Alabama who … Continue reading

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It’s gloomy and overcast today. Perhaps as it should be.

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An Oklahoma hidden treasure

There had to be a bit of chauvinistic pig bubbling up out of me when creating Oklahoma’s Sexiest Power Women contest. Yet, I never considered for one moment just a “Sexiest Oklahoma Woman” contest, for I wasn’t stimulated by a … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

Carrie Underwood blogs? Incredimom wonders if you like her. Redneck Diva breaks her snake record. Cutting to the Chase is sick from stem cell division. This is not for you is too available. Wholesale Pants is not into interns. BatesLine … Continue reading

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I guess I should try the chicken in Okarche. We decided that for our last supper together, we’d hit up a fried chicken joint called Eischen’s. I knew a couple things about Eischen’s even though I had never been there. … Continue reading

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Political recycling

There’s no doubt Republicans wield plenty of power in the U.S. Congress, and know how to use it. They’re outmanuevering Democrats with charges of playing partisan politics, making changes just as fast as they can, and not afraid to admit … Continue reading

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Smokers burn tobacco tax

Officials who estimated the windfall from new state tobacco taxes were off by a few million dollars – $48 million to be exact – or about 2/3 less than projected for the first year. [Oklahoma State Finance Director Scott] Meacham … Continue reading

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