Stipe still getting attention

February 28th, 2005

Will the ongoing persecution of Gene Stipe ever end?

The Federal Communications Commission has decided to reconsider a staff decision that allowed longtime Oklahoma state Sen. Gene Stipe to sell a group of radio stations, agency officials said.

The grand old patriarch from McAlester already sold his radio stations weeks ago.

A group known as Southeastern Oklahoma Radio, composed of Lerblance, Lee Anderson and Bob and Sheila Turnbow, of McAlester, bought KMCO, KNED and the KTMC AM and FM stations, FCC documents indicate.

The sale was for in excess of $2 million, Anderson said this morning.

“We actually took control at midnight Monday,” Anderson said.

That deal’s got to be on the up and up. Southeastern Oklahoma Radio’s leading partner happens to be State Senator Lerblance, who is no other than the guy who replaced Gene Stipe as senator.

“Without question, it was a surprise to us,” Lerblance said. “I’m just kind of dismayed that this would come out of left field in the last hour.”

Some folks would say this is the final straw for Stipe as wheeler dealer. Although…

Court records say he has a net worth of more than $26 million, according to an article last Sunday in The Daily Oklahoman. In 1968 he was acquitted on federal charges of tax evasion, and in 1981 he was acquitted in two other federal cases – one on charges of participating in a kickback scheme and a second of racketeering and wire fraud.

In the case in which he pleaded guilty, Mr. Stipe acknowledged that he had participated in a series of schemes to conceal more than $245,000 in contributions to Mr. Roberts. To persuade a federal judge to give him a minimal criminal sentence, he received letters of support from three former Oklahoma governors, former Senator David L. Boren, and several current and former state legislators.

Sounds like there still may be a chance for the Gene Stipe Center of Ethics at the Oklahoma University School of Law. And it would be only fitting to have state school bonds pay for it.

Okie women

February 27th, 2005

Everyone who finds Oklahoma women interesting will enjoy this site. I liked it, and there ain’t even any risque pictures.

Bless a Ford, curse a Chevy

February 26th, 2005

Orthodox Okie brings up something that should prove to be very popular in these parts.

The blessing is happening in New York State – but, knowing that I live in the “Land of the Pickup Truck” that there would be plenty of these blessings.

I’m thinking holy water for windshield wiper fluid?

Disclosure: I drive a Chevy truck and have never cursed it. Although I did once own two International Harvesters. (Yes kids, IH once made pedestrian trucks.)

Okie round-up

February 26th, 2005

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Inhofe seeks quality time with Dems

February 25th, 2005

You can sure tell Sen. Inhofe is having one helluva time trying to sell the idea of “Clear Skies” to his fellow senators.

Sen. James Inhofe wants to spend some “quality time” with his Democratic colleagues

Inhofe can’t even get the initiative out of his own Republican dominated committee.

I don’t think getting to know the “real” Inhofe will help things much.

Ignore this post

February 25th, 2005

Pardon the distraction, but I just want to archive this statement by my congressman in USA Today:

Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., said his constituents like the president, but they are quick to caution him: “Now don’t you go supporting him automatically just because you’re a Republican and he’s a Republican. Remember, you represent us.”

I have a feeling I may want to refer to this again at a later date.

No end in sight

February 24th, 2005

The good news for free traders (NewsOK reg.req.) never ends. HB 1619 (rtf) will allow Oklahomans to chip in $10 million a year for companies that may consider relocating outside the country.

Leftwich said the state has plenty of resources and incentives to attract companies to the state, but few programs to help struggling manufacturers already here.

“A number of manufacturing companies have already left the state,” Leftwich said. “We can’t afford to lose any more. It sends a very good message that the state wants to help.”

Yeah, we’re sending a nice message alright! That Okies love “free trade” so much that we’ll pay any price for it!

Seriously though, I don’t think $10 million will be near enough. Can you imagine the number of companies that “might outsource”?

With “free trade” being so popular among the state’s power brokers, I say we legalize some new form of gambling to help pay for it. Like a pool on guessing the date when Oklahoma business subsidies surpass payrolls.

Tulsa World upside down

February 24th, 2005

This site never drew much traffic from folks visiting via Tulsa World servers. That is until BatesLine stirred things up by linking to them. Ever since this Okiedoke post, visitors from the Tulsa World have increased considerably. That’s understandable.

However, the latest connection from the Tulsa World Publishing Company arrived via Google using the search term “ password”.

Just a heads up to any rascal that would think of skirting the sophisticated security apparatus put in place by the World’s cracker-jack IT group; someone is watching.

And no thanks, I’m not interested in a password to access Tulsa World’s private content. They seem a little grumpy about things like that.

Three types of mistakes

February 23rd, 2005

I used to believe there were two kinds of mistakes: stupid and honest. You can usually tell when someone makes a stupid mistake by how defensive they are about it. The dumber the mistake, the bigger the cover up. Less so with honest mistakes. We can usually all pretty much agree on where honest stops and stupid takes over.

I hear what you’re thinking, “what does Mike know about mistakes?” HA! I make ’em all the time, and actually enjoy some! In fact, this blog may be one of my bigger ones.

Now everyone knows you should learn from your mistakes, both stupid and honest; and even better, those of others. But it’s only been lately that I realized there is a third kind of mistake; the fake mistake. And it’s the worst of all. You can usually tell when someone makes a fake mistake because they won’t even acknowledge the mistake when it’s obviously pointed out to them.

The fake mistake is one generated as part of a scheme. A mean to an end. Unlike an honest mistake, where you try something new using your best judgement and things go awry, the fake mistake is created for the advantage of a limited amount of people, usually involving greed. Calculated bankruptcy is an example.

Unlike stupid mistakes, when you’re caught making a fake mistake, you still come out ahead. Sort of like a scoundrel paying a fine for some unscrupulous activity, yet admitting no guilt. You know, when they benefit by a million dollars and pay a fine of $75,000.

Fake mistakes flew under my radar for so long because they used to be smaller and kept better hidden. I simply thought of them as dumb mistakes by a few slimy businessmen and politicians. But the overwhelming success of fake mistakes has caused a marketing explosion of bigger, better mistakes that go unmatched in world history. It is an interesting fad to keep up on. At least I hope it’s a fad. Unless tort reform further neglects such fashionable faux pas.

BTW, Okiedoke is not a fake mistake. It’s an honest one. How you might define the act of reading this blog on the other hand…

Capitalism simple as horseshit

February 22nd, 2005

I don’t know why folks think capitalism is so hard to understand. Too many people believe only capitalists and politicians can comprehend the workings of this most powerful tool in mankind’s arsenal for building a healthy, progressive civilization. Horseshit!

As an Okie, I like to keep things simple. So I have to try to grasp complex theories, like the concept of capitalism, in terms I can better understand. I liken it to a horse. I’ve found that everything about capitalism can be explained by considering it as a workhorse.

A horse ain’t worth a thing if you can’t ride it, or hitch it up to a wagon to get some work out of it. It takes a lot of effort to care for a horse. You’ve got to feed it, water it, house it, groom it, and clean up after it. But there is one important thing folks who haven’t riden horses don’t realize; you have to make sure the horse understands who the boss is. If you let a horse call the shots, you’re going to be spending a lot of time feeding oats to a lazy horse, and end up with an ever growing pile of horseshit.

The problem with capitalism is that us stable hands (society) are not taking our responsibility as horse stewards seriously. We’re letting the horse head back to the barn on his own a little earlier every work day. This is natural for a horse. He then spends more time in the barn eating, and he puts up a fuss when you try to regulate his feed. Of course that means there’s more horsehit to clean up since he also puts up a fuss when you try to run him out in the field away from the barn.

Of course the folks that feed the horses (capitalists) are fine with this. All the stable hands chip in to buy the feed, and the more feed provided, the more money the feeders make. The folks that train the horses (politicans) like the idea of less work in the dirty fields, as they would rather spend more time grooming the horse in a cozy barn and take them riding in lush green fields of grass. They know they can always get plenty of money for a better barn and grooming supplies by promising ever more beautiful and stronger horses. After all, they were chosen from among, and by, the stable hands and feeders on those assurances.

Meanwhile, the folks that work with the horses in the fields (laborers) must pick up the slack created by the imbalance of lazy horses and greedy feeders. And to add insult to injury, since horses don’t like to clean up after themselves, the feeders and the trainers were put in charge of cleaning up the ever increasing amount of horseshit. However, instead of composting it or spreading it out sparingly in the fields, they pile it out back around the bunkhouse. When folks step in it, they just say there’s so much of it, it would be too much trouble to take care of it. They assure everyone in the bunkhouse that they’ll eventually get used to the taste of the water and smell in the air. But they will spray for flies if the folks in the bunkhouse want to chip in some money to pay for it.

It’s time to get out the horsewhip; not only for the horse, but some of the feeders and trainers too.