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Stipe still getting attention

Will the ongoing persecution of Gene Stipe ever end? The Federal Communications Commission has decided to reconsider a staff decision that allowed longtime Oklahoma state Sen. Gene Stipe to sell a group of radio stations, agency officials said. The grand … Continue reading

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Okie women

Everyone who finds Oklahoma women interesting will enjoy this site. I liked it, and there ain’t even any risque pictures.

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Bless a Ford, curse a Chevy

Orthodox Okie brings up something that should prove to be very popular in these parts. The blessing is happening in New York State – but, knowing that I live in the “Land of the Pickup Truck” that there would be … Continue reading

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Okie round-up

AKA Mike Horshead is game to rename game night. Audience of One misses regular sex. azoidX covers Lebanon’s street fighting men. Batesline on Libertarian self mutilation. Braised Lambchop from high to low. camedwards binges and purges his blogroll. Conversation Station … Continue reading

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Inhofe seeks quality time with Dems

You can sure tell Sen. Inhofe is having one helluva time trying to sell the idea of “Clear Skies” to his fellow senators. Sen. James Inhofe wants to spend some “quality time” with his Democratic colleagues Inhofe can’t even get … Continue reading

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Ignore this post

Pardon the distraction, but I just want to archive this statement by my congressman in USA Today: Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla., said his constituents like the president, but they are quick to caution him: “Now don’t you go supporting him … Continue reading

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No end in sight

The good news for free traders (NewsOK reg.req.) never ends. HB 1619 (rtf) will allow Oklahomans to chip in $10 million a year for companies that may consider relocating outside the country. Leftwich said the state has plenty of resources … Continue reading

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Tulsa World upside down

This site never drew much traffic from folks visiting via Tulsa World servers. That is until BatesLine stirred things up by linking to them. Ever since this Okiedoke post, visitors from the Tulsa World have increased considerably. That’s understandable. However, … Continue reading

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Three types of mistakes

I used to believe there were two kinds of mistakes: stupid and honest. You can usually tell when someone makes a stupid mistake by how defensive they are about it. The dumber the mistake, the bigger the cover up. Less … Continue reading

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Capitalism simple as horseshit

I don’t know why folks think capitalism is so hard to understand. Too many people believe only capitalists and politicians can comprehend the workings of this most powerful tool in mankind’s arsenal for building a healthy, progressive civilization. Horseshit! As … Continue reading

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