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Death and the new year

With the death toll from the Indonesian earthquake rising to 124,000 people, it is impossible for many in this cruel world to see hope for a happy new year. We mourn those lost… innocent people, innocent children; crushed, drowned, or … Continue reading

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Saving Oklahoma whales

I’ve read this before and always wondered if it was true: Whale hunting is strictly forbidden throughout Oklahoma. As far as I can tell, this is correct. Now you may think this is just crazy, but I would be surprised … Continue reading

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Okie love

Yeah, it sounds kinda nasty, but now that Okie hate is an established category here at Okiedoke, it’s only fair that there be an Okie love too. The initial entry: i should’ve stayed in oklahoma. i don’t feel like i … Continue reading

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Help me help others

The wife and I just finished choosing a few organizations to help victims in the aftermath of the Indonesian earthquake. We want to make our little bit go as far as possible, so we break up our donations among a … Continue reading

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It’s only Mrs. Oswalt cooking again

You can tell it’s a slow news day in the Ardmore area when this is a story. Responders from three departments canceled an emergency run to Mosey Lane on Oswalt Road shortly before noon Tuesday after learning there was no … Continue reading

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OSHA on target

I’m all for recycling, but it sounds like there may have been a good reason this Oklahoma scrap iron company was targeted by OSHA. Emergency workers found the bodies of two men Wednesday in the wreckage of a scrap metal … Continue reading

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Women belong in the House

Due to the last election, more women will be serving in the state Legislature than ever in state history. Oklahoma will gain five more female legislators when the season starts in 2005. With the additional women, Oklahoma will have a … Continue reading

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Okie hate

Every once in a while I come across a diatribe about Oklahoma. Now I’ll be the first to admit Oklahoma has plenty of problems, so perhaps it’s time to collect and consider these observations from people so obviously superior to … Continue reading

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Feeding the Grinch

America’s loudest voice for workers has announced this year’s top corporate Grinch, and it’s one Oklahomans are familiar with. “Wal-Mart has created such high barriers to qualify for its health care benefits, many workers must depend upon publicly financed medical … Continue reading

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Just when you think you know Inhofe

Checking the headlines… Talk about a catchy blurb. Voices in the News: A 2004 Compendium NPR (audio) – Washington,D.C.,USA … Sen. Ted Kennedy, Oklahoma Sen. James Inhofe, participants in a gay wedding ceremony in Massachusetts, Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney …

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