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Blog’s the word

I did pretty good on my Merriam-Webster’s Words of the Year 2004 vocabulary test this year. I scored a 90% comprehension rate on the top requested words. Based on your online lookups, the #1 Word of the Year for 2004 … Continue reading

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OKC’s 175% tax increase

OKC voters are being asked to authorize a tax increase of 175% in a couple weeks. That’s a hefty increase for any tax, but what’s good about this idea is that other suckers have to pay it. I predict it … Continue reading

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November gloom

One of the things I’m thankful for today is the sunshine, uh, actually the moonshine as I write this. Anyway, Nov. 2004 looks to set a record LOW for the amount of sunshine that actually got all the way through … Continue reading

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Microsoft outfoxing itself?

Tulsa’s world class zoo wins, but Microsoft can’t seem to. Tulsa Linux users will get a kick out this story and the accompanying photo: The Tulsa Zoo has won a prestigious honor as America’s Favorite Zoo in a contest sponsored … Continue reading

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End of the trail for ol’ Trusty

I guess they finally caught up with ol’ Trusty. Trusty captured in Oklahoma That guy was known to take advantage of just about anybody; except kids. Trusty really respected the kids. A Sumner County jail trusty who walked away from … Continue reading

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Marketing subtilty

Wouldn’t you love a job naming consumer products? While shopping yesterday, I passed a product that caught my eye called Sweet Nothings. It was a padded bra. Didn’t see any jock straps by that brand – not that I wanted … Continue reading

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Charge it!

Oklahoma’s Credit Princess at vows to overcome temptation. Dear Ever So Generous Credit Card Companies, I got my first credit cards when I was well past 18 years of age. And Some unfortunate events caused my credit history to … Continue reading

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Lone candidate comes in third

Well, the votes were finally tallied in Prairie City, OR, and the only candidate on the ballot came in third. The other two candidates received write-in votes. And they tied! Prairie City sees democracy in action as a coin toss … Continue reading

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Blog for an OKC job

This is an unusual blogging concept. Well lets see how this is going to work.

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Why is it so wet in Washita?

Soon after the sky stopped rumbling this morning, the sun popped out for the first time in about a week and I ventured outside. Soogy Bottom would be a good name for the old homestead today, even though we live … Continue reading

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