Where Okies vote

October 29th, 2004

During the last 25 years living at the same location, we’ve had 5 different polling places and I don’t know how many redistrictings. For those folks who may be in the same boat, check out Blog Oklahoma‘s link to Oklahoma polling places.

Whirlpool takes on Second Amendment

October 29th, 2004

A law that protects the right of Oklahomans to possess a firearm in a locked vehicle on an employers premises has stirred up at least one major employer.

Whirlpool Corp. has asked a federal judge in Tulsa to block enforcement of House Bill 2122, which goes into effect Nov. 1.

The company contends the law is unconstitutional and undermines policies intended to protect the 1,550 workers at its Tulsa facility.

House Bill 2122 decrees that “no person, property owner, tenant, employer or business entity shall be permitted to establish any policy or rule that has the effect of prohibiting any person, except a convicted felon, from transporting and storing firearms in a locked vehicle on any property set aside for any vehicle.”
– Oklahoma House of Representatives Media Division

The bill’s author, Rep. Jerry Ellis, responds.

“I’ll go back to a rub board before I’ll ever again have anything in my house that has the Whirlpool name on it,” Ellis vowed.

“After thinking it over, I may run a bill next year to require every homeowner and business to have a gun on the premises,” Ellis said.

Ah, the third law of political emotion: For every over-reaction to legislation there is an equal and opposite over-reaction.

Okies screw commies

October 29th, 2004

We have a new buddy in the neighborhood now that Cuba has some money to spend in the U.S. It’s nice to see Oklahoma is getting something from that revived relationship. And boy did we screw Castro good too, according to this story:

Agriculture officials in the state say Cuba will buy $1-million bushels of Oklahoma wheat in November and December.

Of course Cuba, being a poor country, can only afford about 4 bushels at that price.

Oklahoma Agriculture Secretary Terry Peach says based on current prices the sale is worth more than $4-million.

Coburn the only abortionist in this race

October 29th, 2004

SoonerPolitics.com has a cruel radio ad from the Carson campaign. Endorsing this stuff highlights the bad judgement that worries me about Carson. And to think this mud shit slinging supposedly started over Coburn calling Carson a “Liberal”. Now Coburn’s comments about “crap-head” legislators and too many lesbians in Little Dixie doesn’t seem quite as bad in comparison.

Feds investigate Feds

October 28th, 2004

Now we’ll get to the bottom of this once and for all!

The FBI has begun investigating whether the Pentagon improperly awarded no-bid contracts to Halliburton Co., seeking an interview with a top Army contracting officer and collecting documents from several government offices.

The line of inquiry expands an earlier FBI investigation into whether Halliburton overcharged taxpayers for fuel in Iraq, and it elevates to a criminal matter the election-year question of whether the Bush administration showed favoritism to Vice President Dick Cheney’s former company.

What I don’t understand is: How do you improperly award no-bid contracts to begin with?

Cole a good soldier

October 27th, 2004

Rep. Tom Cole doesn’t leave his friends hanging. When House Majority Leader Tom DeLay needed money to defend charges of ethics violations, Cole lined up with the likes of RJ Reynolds Tobacco and others in funneling money to the Tom DeLay Legal Expense Trust; not to be confused with the Tom DeLay Congressional Committee Fund which donated a paltry $50,000 in legal fees.

The House Ethics Committee has dismissed two charges, but:

chose to delay action on a third that is related to an ongoing grand jury investigation of Republican fundraising activities in Texas from which threetop DeLay associates have been indicted.

Those damn grand jury investigations do put a kink in political agendas occasionally.

Placing my bets on lousy odds

October 27th, 2004

Me and the Mrs. will be headed to a few states for a vacation soon, including a stop in Las Vegas. The timing seems right. I’m in that Sin City frame of mind.

I’m also at the point in the election campaign cycle where I sit back and digest all the stuff I’ve been fed from the Republicrat’s ‘All you can eat’ Buffet and Casino. It’s not much of a buffet with only two flavors, that are actually sort of bland, but you get used it to it when that’s all you have. Thank God for alcohol and grains of salt.

I must admit the entertainment is usually pretty good at Republicrat’s, although this year did seem to be slightly heavy on the melodrama for my taste. The improv comedy routines are more to my liking and I wasn’t disappointed. Yet I swear the odds are getting worse in that addictive game of candidate roulette. Us Okies only have two slots to choose from on the presidential wheel. And yep, you guessed it; 0 & 00. While that does make it easier to place our bets, the odds of hitting a jackpot on either one of those numbers is extremely small. I like the odds in Vegas better.

Okies go phishing

October 27th, 2004

Looks like Oklahoma’s efforts at attracting high-tech industry is finally bearing fruit.

Nine Koreans and 13 other Internet users apparently fell for a “phishing” scheme that seems to have originated in the U.S. state of Oklahoma, prosecutors said yesterday.

This is the first reported case in which Koreans have responded to fraudulent e-mail designed to lure online bank users into revealing personal account information that would allow a criminal access to a bank account.

Hot twins headed to OU

October 26th, 2004

I knew Paris and her twin sister were talented, but this surprised me.

Paris twins decide to attend Oklahoma

I didn’t read the details, but this seems too good to be true.

Reagan no John Wayne

October 26th, 2004

How’d ya like to run against this Republican? (NewsOK reg.req.)

Ronald Reagan said he would be a hands-on sheriff who would work to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in McClain County.

Reagan is police chief in the city of Wayne and brags on his record.

Only about 50 calls came in to the police department each year before he started, Reagan said. This year, about 400 calls have come in for police assistance.

Unless that huge increase in calls is for autographs, I don’t see that as necessarily a good thing.