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It’s Gusty in Tulsa

You can tell Tulsa is getting serious about the centennial. They now have an official centennial cartoon. Gusty was drawn by television weatherman Don Woods as part of his job duties at KTUL. Woods reported on Oklahoma’s weather for 35 … Continue reading

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Bad management breeds unions

With a new state law going into effect Nov.1, some city leaders are nervous about giving up some of their dominance over city employees. Workers in cities with populations greater than 35,000 will have the right to form a union … Continue reading

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Gov. Henry a lightweight

Facing a big problem of obesity among kids, Gov. Brad Henry admits he is no icon of health. “I could be a poster child for what not to do,” Henry said. “I don’t eat very well. I don’t exercise any. … Continue reading

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American spoilers

PBS has a special tonight about the struggle of third party candidates in America. Author and blogger Micah L. Sifry played a part. This Wednesday night, in the only in-depth television coverage of the third-party scene that I know of … Continue reading

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The Partly Cloudy Day Fund

STATE QUESTION NO. 708 This measure amends the Oklahoma Constitution. It amends Section 23 of Article 10. This section involves the Constitutional Reserve Fund also known as the Rainy Day Fund. This measure changes the amount which could be spent … Continue reading

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Oklahoma defends exclusion of voters

With some luck, Oklahomans will hold state legislator’s feet to the fire this next Legislative session when it comes to fixing the state’s draconian election laws. The state’s current battle is over allowing a political party to open up its … Continue reading

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Purcell Gestapo

Folks driving through the $2.5 million bridge construction project in Purcell have a decision to make; obey the traffic lights or run ’em. Either way it’s a gamble. ODOT officials and law enforcement urge motorists to obey the traffic lights … Continue reading

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Political crime ring loose in Ardmore

A gang of radical activists are terrorizing old folks in this sleepy little Oklahoma town by stealing campaign yard signs. The crime wave is spreading through neighborhoods in south Ardmore. Mike McCumber, former Carter County treasurer, said more than 10 … Continue reading

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Not a funky white boy

This could be a terrible blow to Norman’s reputation as a city of cultural tolerance. NORMAN, OKLAHOMA — In a rare display of defiance, local white boy David McReynolds, 17, refused to play funky music when his racially eclectic group … Continue reading

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Long term taxpayer debt?

STATE QUESTION NO. 707 This measure amends Section 6C of Article 10 of the Oklahoma Constitution. The amendment deals with the use of certain city, town and county taxes and fees. When authorized by law, cities, towns or counties can … Continue reading

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