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Yeah, but how many did they read?

If more is better, Oklahoma’s 2004 Legislature put the previous year’s session to shame. State lawmakers this year introduced 1,765 measures and joint resolutions of which 567 were enacted into law 79 more measures introduced and 80 more bills enacted … Continue reading

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Gas rises

Anybody beat this? In Tulsa, the average price for a gallon of regular is $1.76. Oklahoma City motorists are paying about $1.73 a gallon. Gasoline here in Little Axe today is $1.639 per gallon. Then again, it should be. If … Continue reading

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Inside Inhofe

Some quotes from Oklahoma’s junior senator in a visit to Alva. “there aren’t any normal people in Washington.” – “Because I hate politicians,” he said. “I’m not up for reelection. There’s nothing I’m going to say today that you’re going … Continue reading

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Republicans well insulated

Batesline is blogging from New York City as a Republican delegate. Evidently the convention delegates are well protected from any reality around them. Did not see a single protester today. Not a one. Some friends went to Columbus Circle to … Continue reading

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Okie round up

Acorns from an Okie finds yet another half-hearted endorsement of Brad Carson. An Audience of One likes his first day back to school. AKA Mike Horshead appreciates choice. Awe Contraire fights back against spam comments. Batesline attends the RNC Blogger … Continue reading

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Okie women political pioneers

For those of us men wanting to know what went wrong in allowing women into politics*, this book may provide some clues. “Who’s Rocking the Cradle?” begins on the left with the activities of Oklahoma women, who organized and promoted … Continue reading

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Well I’ll bee

Africanized honeybees may put Tipton, OK on the map. OKLAHOMA CITY – A swarm of bees that attacked a work crew earlier this month may be of the Africanized variety, which would mark the furthest north the so-called “killer” bees … Continue reading

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Oklahoma strange and extreme

I’ve eaten plenty of squirrel in my time and it’s funny how many folks believe the feisty tree rats should taste bad. This visitor from Scotland changed his preconceived notions about more than just squirrel meat. It was my third … Continue reading

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Donating to government

What does it say about Oklahoma’s budget when an Indian tribe sponsors a fund raiser for a county agency? SynthFest 2004 is a Canned Food Drive for the Department of Human Services Cover for Two Days is $15. You will … Continue reading

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Who’s your sheriff?

Anybody voting for Gary Englebretson as Grady County sheriff? The investigation was conducted by Special Agent Tom Linn of the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. “It is [my] belief that Gary Englebretson used this police training move [a police choke … Continue reading

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