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Okie round-up

AKA Mike Hogshead makes a clean sweep of the primary election. Awe Contraire catches Michael Moore on a high note. Back pedal by Design goes to the movies. BatesLine sympathizes with Humphreys supporters. Bloggins..schiesty Blog dresses up for golf. camedwards … Continue reading

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Oklahoma hawks

A new poll shows Oklahomans favor war more than average American. The poll, sponsored by the Tulsa World and KOTV, showed that 57 percent of Oklahomans feel the war was worth fighting, 36 percent said it wasn’t and 7 percent … Continue reading

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Fisher clan resilient

Just when you think things can’t get worse for Fisher, there’s this. Fisher Indicted Again On Embezzlement Charge But then I read this: Fisher unseats Goss in sheriff’s race That must have been a tough campaign.

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Cock-fighting gets official fired

State Agriculture Commissioner Charles Sharpe is in trouble over cock-fighting. South Carolina’s agriculture commissioner pleaded innocent Thursday to charges of taking payoffs to protect a cockfighting ring. Now aren’t you ashamed for thinking this was an Oklahoma story? -via Fark

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Working in Oklahoma

The U.S. economy has been recovering for some time now. Per capita income in Oklahoma is rising according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. But so is the demand for food stamps. According to the DHS: We have never had … Continue reading

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But you can rent it

“Our vote is not for sale”, cried Al Sharpton at the Democratic convention. This convention blogger says otherwise. I tried to find out more about what it means to be a donor to the NCDM. Their website, however, gives very … Continue reading

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Convention blogging

The trend for traditional news journalists to belittle bloggers for non-traditional news journalism continues. It seems as if bloggers were awed by the whole idea of being among the first of their kind at a national party convention — and … Continue reading

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Glamor grows old

When I hit my 40’s, women started becoming younger. Driving by OU’s campus in the warmer months was still enjoyable, but appreciating the abundant babes began to mix with a growing feeling of perversion for admiring such budding young women. … Continue reading

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Getting what you pay for

You know the corporate lore that says company CEO’s must continue to be lavished with ever increasing compensation less they seek employment elsewhere? Well I’m happy to say that we may be safe from a mass exodus of CEO’s this … Continue reading

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Who decides?

The hard work is done. Oklahoma’s primary election has now produced the final warriors to battle for political office in November. Let’s glance at some Primary numbers from the State Election Board. The Census Bureau estimates 70% national voter registration … Continue reading

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