And I’m not even Republican

May 30th, 2009

I’ve been known to criticize my congressman a bit here on this blog. It really isn’t personal. And for anyone who may think otherwise, perhaps this invitation I received in today’s mail will convince you:


But what can I get for the man who has everything?

Contributions are limited to $2,400 per person …

Senator Tom, come on down

May 21st, 2009

Now that President Obama has ordered a phase-in of increased vehicle fuel economy standards, our own Sen. Tom Coburn is worried:

What if you want to drive a gas hog? You don’t have the right any longer in this country to spend the money to drive a gas hog?

Not to worry, Tom, I’ve got just the thing for you right here in Little Axe. And I’ll bet one of those banks you voted to bail out will give you a good deal on a loan, too.

Truth be told?

May 18th, 2009

Catherine Crabill is a GOP nominee in Virginia’s 99th House District. In her own words:

… I did and do believe that our government was culpable in the OKC bombing. This was not based on a “conspiracy theory” but on the analysis of Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (retired) who resides in Alexandria, Virginia who is an expert in weapons development. General Partin spent his own time and his own money personally visiting the site in OKC and publishing his analysis. … General Partin’s assessment was brilliant and as far as I will ever be concerned, irrefutable.

I really don’t believe that all the facts surrounding the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building are known to the public. However, I’m not convinced this is a good idea.

every statewide Republican candidate (plus Rep. Rob Wittman and possibly non-statewide ones too) needs to be asked whether they agree with Crabill that “our government was culpable in the OKC bombing.”

Especially since we are talking about the state of Virginia.

I mean questioning politicians because of what some of them believe would be like asking all Oklahoma Dems and Repubs if they believe in tax evasion, embezzlement, perjury, fraud, bribery…. For one thing, if every one of them was hooked up to a lie detector and answered truthfully, the State Legislature might not even get a quorum to do their business. Then what shape would us Okies be in?

Inhofe to foil Obama plot against Oklahoma

May 12th, 2009

Boy, did I ever get fooled by Obama. When he talked about closing Guantanamo prison, I just assumed he would move the prisoners already there and detain them in other facilities. But thanks to Sen. Inhofe, we now know our new president really wants to set them free, right here in Oklahoma.

“There are 245 hard-core terrorists that would be turned loose in the United States and one of the locations where they would be putting them is Fort Sill,” Inhofe said. “You turn these people loose and they become magnets for terrorism all over the country.”

Maybe Sen. Inhofe was right about McCain for President after all.

Would you close Guantanamo Bay?

MCCAIN: Yes. I would close Guantanamo Bay. And I would move those prisoners to Fort Leavenworth.

Now that’s an idea us Okies can really support. Not only would we be safe from all those prisoners loose in Kansas, but since they would be “magnets for terrorism”, they would draw all the terrorists from Oklahoma too.

And the best part is we could then send all our virus laden pigs to Kansas. And wait.

Tom ‘King’ Cole, prince of money

May 5th, 2009

No need to wonder why Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole voted for the Wall Street bailout.

“People understand the business,” said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma. “You take the king’s shilling, you become the king’s man.”

Top industries contributing to Congressman Tom Cole’s 2008 Campaign Committee and Leadership PAC:

  1. Casinos/Gambling
  2. Oil & Gas
  3. Insurance
  4. Lobbyists
  5. Lawyers/Law Firms
  6. Commercial Banks
  7. Retired
  8. Real Estate
  9. Misc Finance
  10. Business Services

– Center for Responsive Politics

And since Rep. Cole is already well known for his support of taxpayer subsidies to the oil & gas industry and casinos, I’m assumming his next push will be rewarding lawyers and lobbyists.

Inhofe’s taste in art

April 23rd, 2009

Having Jim Inhofe as my Senator, it takes a really special remark about the guy to get my attention; something like this:

Grizzled convicts dancing in pink ballerina tutus for Jim Inhofe.

And to find out he paid for it too.

Taxation with too much representation

April 20th, 2009

There’s been a lot of people crying about “taxation without representation”. Well, us folks here in Little Axe have the opposite problem: “taxation with too much representation”.

The map below shows the Little Axe School District boundaries outlined in black. The area not only includes land on the west side of the lake, but covers portions of two counties, three state Senate districts (outlined in purple), three state House districts (outlined in wide blue, green and orange), part of City of Norman’s Ward 5 (shaded in yellow), and no less than two U.S. Congressional Districts.


Little Axe is finely chopped

County Commissioners:
Cleveland District 2, George Skinner
Pottawatomie, District 2, Jerry Richards

State Senators:
District 15, Jonathan Nichols
District 16, John Sparks
District 17, Charlie Laster

State Representatives:
District 27, Shane Jett
District 45, Wallace Collins
District 53, Randy Terrill

Norman City Councilmember:
Ward 5, Rachel Butler

U.S. Representatives:
District 4, Tom Cole
District 5, Mary Fallin

I don’t know how we get by on only one city councilmember.

Too much Coffee for Dems

March 31st, 2009

I’m really getting tired of hearing Democrats harp about Oklahoma Senate leader Glenn Coffee. OK, so he failed to pay some traffic tickets from 8 or 9 years ago.

… one for speeding and another for operating a motor vehicle without a current license plate.

But, just like anyone else who fails to pay their fines, unless there was some kind of a computer glitch, he took his chances and risked arrest and incarceration.

Officials said a computer glitch …

OK, so he got lucky. But now the state Democratic Party accuses Sen. Coffee of spending too much on his expense account.

According to filings from Senator Glenn Coffee’s campaign account with the Oklahoma State Ethics Commission, Senator Coffee has spent over $125,000 in the last three years on a line item termed by his treasurer as “Travel, Meals, Lodging” including over $58,000 in 2008.

“Senator Coffee claims he could not pay his taxes even though he was reimbursing himself more than the average Oklahoman makes in a year in meals and travel,” said Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Ivan Holmes.

I guess Mr. Holmes has never seen Sen. Coffee. At food and fuel prices these days, $58,000 doesn’t go far in feeding and transporting a big guy like him. Leave it to Dems to pick on the handicapped.

And as if that wasn’t enough, some self-righteous taxpayers think the senate leader should step down for not paying his taxes until the government placed a lien on his home.

It is apparent Coffee is of the opinion he is above the law. This should not be the case. He should resign his leadership role.

But former House Speaker Lance Cargill already resigned for tax problems just last year. Shouldn’t that cover all elected Republican tax delinquents for awhile? And besides, you never hear of Republicans demanding Democrats resign for failing to pay taxes.

Rep. Tom Cole says Treasury boss Timothy Geithner must go

“He didn’t pay his taxes but was confirmed anyway, when only weeks later other administration nominees were toppled by similar tax delinquincies [sic].”

Well OK, maybe one Republican. But then again, Cole probably feels Sen. Coffee must go too.

Even God against Humphreys

February 13th, 2009

Like most sensible Oklahomans, I don’t much care for Kirk Humphreys. What I dislike most about him is his Party first attitude. And even then the guy couldn’t win a GOP Senate primary despite the backing of state Republican leaders. But while I can understand Okies rejecting Humphreys, I never would have dreamed God would actually act against him in his recent election bid.

Humphreys could have been hurt by the storms, which hit northwest Oklahoma City areas considered to be his strongest area of support.

Maybe the Lord doesn’t work in such mysterious ways after all.

Politicians think Oklahomans are pussies

January 29th, 2009

Talk about being terrorized:

Oklahoma Lawmakers Seek To Keep Gitmo Detainees Out of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Congresswoman Mary Fallin introduced House Resolution 701, which would prohibit federal funds from being used to transfer terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay to any facility in Oklahoma.

The resolution was co-sponsored by the entire Oklahoma House delegation — John Sullivan, Dan Boren, Frank Lucas and Tom Cole.

Rep Boren sums it up for all of them:

“It is absolutely unacceptable to even consider relocating these terrorists to American soil, let alone Oklahoma. This legislation would help ensure that Oklahomans are not forced to confront the kind of evil that these terrorists clearly represent.”

So our brave politicians don’t flinch when it comes to sending Oklahomans to their death in order to confront terrorism, but when it comes to dealing with captured terrorists, us Okies are too scared to handle them? I ain’t buying it. Most Oklahomans I know have more guts than that and would do what it takes to see justice is done against “the kind of evil that these terrorists clearly represent”.

I say Oklahoma takes a half dozen of the prisoners and show the rest of America what we’re made of. Or are we only tough when it comes to locking up our women drug abusers?

Ya know, perhaps it’s a good thing we don’t apprehend Osama bin Laden. We’d probably be too scared to convict him. Chalk one up for the terrorists.