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Oklahomans can pass on turnpike PikePass

Uh … The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will stop issuing automatic violations for failure to pay tolls until the agency can match its records with Tax Commission records new license plate numbers. Wouldn’t it make sense to just suspend automatic violations … Continue reading

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White is cool with Obama

Call me a racist, but when we started to build our home 25 years ago, I thought I’d be more comfortable living with whites rather than darks. Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing personal against darkies. It’s just … Continue reading

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How automakers can reduce repairs

So, President Obama wants to see a “leaner, meaner” GM and Chrysler. Something like Nissan, maybe. Listening to Car Talk last week, I heard Tom and Ray comment on how they were unable to obtain a part to repair the … Continue reading

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Oklahoma City river name no joke

It was February 2004 that I posted my suggestion for renaming a seven mile stretch of the North Canadian River in Oklahoma City. I say we name it the “Oklahoma Legislature River”. It would be quite appropriate. The Canadian usually … Continue reading

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Military sees resemblance between OKC and Baghdad

Some folks in Oklahoma City are complaining about the Tennessee National Guard flying helicopters over their neighborhoods night after night until three in the morning. Lt. Col. Max Moss apologized, however: “Obviously in Iraq our soldiers and particularly our aviators … Continue reading

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Still frolicking in the park

When we moved to Oklahoma in 1979, we stayed a short while near Trosper Park in SE OKC. Our family got a lot of use from that sparsely populated park. We rode bicycles there, honed our archery skills on the … Continue reading

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Politically correct flu names in Oklahoma

Leave it to us crazy Okies to stop eating pork because of the swine flu. A local pork expert explains: “This new flu virus has not been found in pigs so there is no reason to be concerned about the … Continue reading

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Free press ideal lost for Americans

That damn Iran. An Iranian court has sentenced a US journalist to eight years in prison on charges of spying for the United States, a defence lawyer has said. – Saberi, who had lived in Iran for six years, was … Continue reading

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Pirates go Dutch

The Somali pirates causing havoc on international shipping are a real pain in the ass to global traders. And governments seem to be dumb-founded on how to handle the problem. Personally, I kind of like the U.S. Navy Seals’ approach. … Continue reading

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Oklahoma opens its books a little more

Oklahoma’s online effort at financial transparency started out a little clunky back in January 2008. But the site, Open Books, is making great strides in capabilities and ease of use. The new features include the ability for citizens to: • … Continue reading

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