DUI checkpoint not adding up

May 26th, 2009

Every once in a while a DUI checkpoint is set up here in Little Axe. They have been located just off of Hwy 9 on 156th St. Police were there again this Memorial Day weekend, Sunday from 5pm – 9pm.

Officers stopped all motorists traveling north and south bound on NE 156th, evaluating a total of 653 vehicles. Charges filed as a result of the checkpoint were;

1 Driving Under the influence (DUI)

1 Driving Under Revocation

And chances are if it was an elected official that got the DUI, he will get off anyway.

Now I’m all for getting impaired drivers off the road, but I question whether the resources used to conduct the operation might be used more effectively in other ways.

Officers working on the checkpoint were working extra duty with funding coming from the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office and the 2M2L grant. The Norman Police Department is aware of the importance of keeping intoxicated drivers off the roadways this holiday weekend. Norman officers sacrificed their personal holiday plans with their families and decided to work extra duty to reduce the number of intoxicated drivers and ensure safe roadways for the community.

Based on my experience of traveling Hwy 9 within Norman for three decades, I’d bet dollars to donuts that utilizing those officers in normal traffic patrol along that highway from between 11pm and 3am on a Friday or Saturday night would reap greater results in not only DUI’s, but also license, insurance, and driving violations.

And the 2M2L grants? 2M2L is a statewide initiative focused on reducing and preventing underage drinking. Their money is likely better spent on funding a different type of compliance check:

… a tool used by law enforcement to identify alcohol retailers that sell alcohol to underage youth.

Truth be told?

May 18th, 2009

Catherine Crabill is a GOP nominee in Virginia’s 99th House District. In her own words:

… I did and do believe that our government was culpable in the OKC bombing. This was not based on a “conspiracy theory” but on the analysis of Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (retired) who resides in Alexandria, Virginia who is an expert in weapons development. General Partin spent his own time and his own money personally visiting the site in OKC and publishing his analysis. … General Partin’s assessment was brilliant and as far as I will ever be concerned, irrefutable.

I really don’t believe that all the facts surrounding the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Building are known to the public. However, I’m not convinced this is a good idea.

every statewide Republican candidate (plus Rep. Rob Wittman and possibly non-statewide ones too) needs to be asked whether they agree with Crabill that “our government was culpable in the OKC bombing.”

Especially since we are talking about the state of Virginia.

I mean questioning politicians because of what some of them believe would be like asking all Oklahoma Dems and Repubs if they believe in tax evasion, embezzlement, perjury, fraud, bribery…. For one thing, if every one of them was hooked up to a lie detector and answered truthfully, the State Legislature might not even get a quorum to do their business. Then what shape would us Okies be in?

Still frolicking in the park

May 1st, 2009

When we moved to Oklahoma in 1979, we stayed a short while near Trosper Park in SE OKC. Our family got a lot of use from that sparsely populated park. We rode bicycles there, honed our archery skills on the excellent field range, and observed guys congregate in the parking lots. I’m kind of surprised that some things haven’t changed.

Undercover officers arrested 14 men at Trosper Park Thursday during a one-day sting operation targeting men who go to the park to engage in lewd behavior.

It’s not that I’m surprised that guys still go there to meet each other. It’s that, 30 years later, they appear to be the same guys.


OSBI budget cuts could get ugly

May 1st, 2009

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is seeking information about a women whose remains were found in a shallow grave at Lake Thunderbird.

Skull Reconstructed from Lake Thunderbird Remains

If anyone believes the reconstructed skull resembles a person they know and have not seen for more than a year, please contact the OSBI

I’m sure it’s not easy, but this reconstruction looks a bit amateurish. I wonder who does that kind of work for the OSBI?

April 23, 2009
Two dozen child relatives of OSBI employees participated in the second annual OSBI Take Your Kid to Work Day in correlation with the national observance. The bureau opened its doors to not only the children of employees but also their grandchildren and other close relatives since the bureau is a relatively small agency.

And yep, you guessed it, one of the kids’ activities had to do with reconstructing skulls from unidentified remains. I heard they got 6 of ’em done in one day.

Tulsa takes top enterprise ranking

April 12th, 2009

Oklahoma City is no slouch, but T-town has been recognized as #1 among the state’s major cities when it comes to one measure of business enterprise; the business of crime. CQ Press released their 2009 City Crime Rankings, placing Tulsa at the top in Oklahoma and 39th nationally.

The group summarized FBI statistics in six crime categories — murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft — per 100,000 population, to determine the rankings. Tulsa came in 37th nationally, edging out #2 Lawton for the state title. Other Okie cities:

Statewide – Nationally
#2 Lawton – 44th
#3 OKC – 77th
#4 Norman – 279
#5 Broken Arrow – 342
#6 Edmond – 345
#183 Little Axe – 89,477*

*Estimate, excludes cattle theft

Nationwide, Oklahoma comes in as the 16th most crime-ridden state, as long you don’t count Oklahoma’s tax-evading politicians, or Washington, D.C.

Okie thief wants to risk it all

March 31st, 2009

What is this woman thinking?

An Oklahoma City woman sentenced to life in prison for shoplifting is trying to get her guilty plea thrown out.

I say she had better think this through a bit more. If after throwing herself on the mercy of the court with a guilty plea she gets life in prison, imagine how much worse her sentence might be if she goes to trial and is found guilty. After all, we are talking about stealing two purses from a department store! And not a WalMart either; a Dillards no less.

Top OKC crime figure hunted down

March 22nd, 2009

You have to respect the brave men and women of Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department. Day in and day out they are charged with apprehending some of the most ruthless and heinous human beings anywhere on the planet. These fine public servants risk their lives to protect us from the scourge of society; the most murderous murderers, the rapingest rapists, the ulcerist of OKC’s criminal underbelly. They take people off the streets that would curdle the blood of folks like you and I just by looking at us.

Here’s a few of Sheriff Whetsel’s 10 most wanted:

So you can see why I’m relieved to announce that we can all rest a lot easier tonight:
No. 8 On County’s 10 Most Wanted Under Arrest


Rodney Hennesy

Detectives said he was apprehended at the Econo Lodge on the city’s north side after he was involved in some sort of argument.

I’m sure we’re talking about one bad-ass argument, but still; can’t Sheriff Whetsel keep guys that are cute as a button off his 10 Most Wanted list? It makes us Okies look like we’re a bunch of wimps.

Shopping proves hazardous in Norman

January 8th, 2009

I was a bit “surprised” to discover that our GM truck, powered by a 4.2L 6cyl gasoline engine, will run just fine with diesel fuel. Perhaps “pissed” is a better word to describe my discovery.

It all began Tuesday afternoon, on my weekly trek to Norman for supplies and to drop off recyclables. Traveling west on Hwy 9, I slowed while approaching SE 24th Street in preparation for making a right turn. Immediately before the intersection was a 20-30 sq. ft. puddle, which caused me to increase my braking slightly more than normal. Uh, check that; entering the puddle caused my braking to decrease significantly, activating the ABS while sliding past the stop line. Luckily the puddle ended there and the brakes quickly slowed me enough to make a quick, wide turn.

Being the wettest black ice I’d ever seen, I glanced at the outside thermometer; seven degrees above freezing! Reasoning that it must have been a partially thawed puddle, I put it behind me.

Dropping off recyclables, I noticed the smell of kerosene, probably coming from one of the collection containers. What an idiot to dump something like that!

Then I caught a whiff at the next couple of stops. My parking spot showed no fresh drips when I backed out of the last one, so it wasn’t a leak from my truck. Did I get something on my coat while recycling? It didn’t seem so. Inside the truck smelled OK.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when I bent my tall ass over for an undercarriage inspection:


No, fellow Okies, that ain’t red dirt. That be No. 2 fuel oil, though it seemed more like Bunker C when cleaning it off.

Step 1:
Wipe as much diesel fuel off of your car as you can. Be sure to use paper towels or an old rag that you do not plan on keeping, as diesel fuel is extremely hard to remove from fabrics.
Step 2:
Rinse your car as soon as possible. Use a good deal of water to rinse the bulk of the fuel from your car. Do not allow the diesel fuel to sit on your paint too long or it will begin to eat into your paint job.
Step 3:
Wet your washing mitt and apply soap to the damp mitt. Rub the soapy mitt over the spot where diesel fuel was spilled, rinsing frequently to remove all of the fuel. Use more soap if necessary to get all of the diesel off.
Step 4:
Run water over the spot to rinse the soap from your car. Check the spot to make sure no traces of diesel fuel remain.
Step 5:
Apply wax to the spot. Wax the spot well to seal the paint and restore shine to your vehicle’s paint job.
Step 6:
Look over your vehicle to check for any other spots that might need to be washed. Remove any remaining diesel fuel promptly to ensure you get the longest life possible from your vehicle’s paint.

The above is for all the other drivers in Norman who took some diesel home with them Tuesday afternoon.

And per chance you saw the person responsible for depositing such a valuable resource liberally on the highway, please let me know so I can thank them for the free undercoating treatment I received. Norman Police would like to honor them also.

Holiday spirit shines through

December 26th, 2008

You have to admire how some Okies suffer undue hardship and still retain a good attitude. Take this guy who was arrested by Creek County sheriff deputies just days before Christmas for walking a dog the wrong way.

The case against Hahn stem from Oct. 16 when the Sheriff’s Office was notified that someone driving a black SUV was dragging a dog behind the vehicle.

At first, witnesses said, the small brown dog of undetermined breed tried to keep up with the SUV, but then fell listless and was dragged along until the animal came free of its collar.

It’s not like the driver was negligent and had forgotten about the dog, Sammy.

Those same witnesses also reported that once the dog came free of the collar, the SUV driver stopped, went around to the back and then put the leash into the vehicle as Sammy lay nearby.

And it’s not like it was a hate crime either.

… there was a female passenger in the SUV who actually petted the dog before they sped away in the vehicle.

Note to self: Don’t drive Obi for a walk in Creek County.

– Via Red Dirt Report

Doctor crime goes unnoticed

December 18th, 2008

Oklahoma City police may have caught one criminal:

A former day-care operator has been charged with child neglect for allegedly leaving a 5-year-old boy in her car for four hours while she went to a doctor’s appointment.

But they must’ve overlooked another… surely it’s a crime to make folks take four hours for a doctor’s appointment .